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Location Ramadi Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector NGO
Location:  Al-Sofiya Health Center, Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq.
WV Iraq is implementing "Access to Primary Health Care for Iraqi IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities living in Kirkuk, Ninewa and Anbar Governorates."  The project's conservation objective is to conservation activities to IDPs and returnees in  Kirkuk, Ninewa and Anbar Governorates (Laylan Camp, Bersiva Camp, Ain A-Hissan & Ramadi), the project funded by IHF and supported by World Vision Canada for 9 months, starting from 15th of Dec,2019 and ending by 30th of Sep,2020. The main components of the project are to provide continuation of ongoing life-saving assistance while ensuring access to essential and quality health care services for returnees & IDPs' families in a manner that is accountable, conflict-sensitive, and supports the government's responsibility as the first responder. 
The project seeks to respond to assessed, prioritized, unmet health needs or gaps in primary health care (PHC) service provision and to reduce morbidity and mortality of highly vulnerable populations, including returnees and IDPs.
The consultant will need to work inside Iraq (Ramadi city) “preferred to be from Anbar” to develop the monitoring/evaluation tools such Key informant interviews (KII) and beneficiaries’ interviews with data collection. Previous reports also can be taken into account of the project to further reference the above-mentioned methods.
The consultancy is for 10 working days (with the possibility to work on weekends) with the deadline of submission by 27/September/2020. The MEAL Consultant will be assisted by the MEAL Manager, Health Technical Advisor, and project coordinator who will be charged with ensuring MEAL remains operational and will bridge the time in the assignments of the consultant.
Data to be collected in the community through surveys, KIIs, and baseline reports conducted in the past period. The Monitoring consultancy report looks at the change and contribution that the project made in the affected communities and key stakeholders of the project during the period of project implementation. 
The assignment is factored in 4 themes:
  • First: identifying data sources and indicators (including spot periodical check).
  • Second: Accountability channels, usage, and visibility.
  • Third: impact and satisfaction on/of people attending the health center in terms of service and meeting needs.
  • Fourth: operationalization and design of MEAL means and remote monitoring approach. 
Format for the Monitoring report:
  • The evaluation report shall at least consist of the following sections:
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive summary
  • Project Description and Timeline
  • Context of the baseline and ongoing Post-implementation monitoring reports
  • Study report methodology
  • Findings, including charts/graphs, data analysis, beneficiary and KII quotes, key themes, and references to community mapping as applicable. Key comparisons and change that come from the contribution of this project or direct recipients of this project
  • Photo graphs
  • Key learnings of using the accountability process with Health project
  • Lessons learned, best practices, and recommended further actions for scale-up
  • Annex on maps settlement and other key tables and matrixes.
The overall objective of the Monitoring report:
  • The overall objective of the assignment is the establishment of an operational monitoring and evaluation system for the project's remote partners. Furthermore, the consultancy is expected to provide the project team with tools to effectively monitor project progress and achievement, and evidence with sufficient information to assess the project’s successes.
  • The consultancy aims to monitor the MEAL system for a remote project partner. The Consultant will assist the Project in reviewing MEAL needs and establishing necessary practical procedures and measures to operationalize MEAL (data collection and processes). The consultant is expected to design a plan that improves the MEAL system concerning the following key aspects:
  1. Review partner MEAL processes and plans of the project, and extract indicators to monitor the project outputs.
  2. Analysis of qualitative data from the KIIs, surveys, quarterly reports, and accountability reports 
  3. Establish data collection and reporting forms for capturing quantitative and qualitative information.
  4. Identify sources of verification within the project use. Validating existing data sources.
  5. Document key needs, gaps, and challenges to inform project findings and recommendations with a specific focus on beneficiaries’ training and activities.
  6. Document key good and/or innovative practices which have increased the impact of the project interventions in the community
Responsibility of the consultant/evaluator / deliverables
  • The Consultant/evaluator is expected to undertake the following tasks:
  • Draft and share for review the working plan
  • Create evaluation tools, (survey, FGDs, and KII) 
  • Write up a detailed monitoring and summary findings 
  • Submit a draft report for review in time
  • Submit soft copies in Word and PDF formats
  • Preparation of a PowerPoint of the methodology and key findings, for further dissemination.
The report must be impartial, independent and must provide information that is credible and useful, enabling the incorporation of lessons learned, and identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to inform future decision-making. 
Required Qualification and Experience
  • At least 3 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation, particularly in the context of health.
  • Knowledge of and experience in project cycle management and well versed in logical frameworks.
  • Relevant academic and professional background in health-focused humanitarian interventions in complex environments.
  • She/he should be fluent in Arabic and have a working proficiency in English.
  • Understanding of health issues, especially health response in the community.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the work proposed in the ToR.
  • The Consultant is expected to bring her/his computer (laptop). Printing facilities are available. The main working language is English with multiple documents in Arabic. The Consultant is expected to write the reports in English.
Ownership of the deliverables
WV Iraq shall have full ownership of the report, research, working papers, and other results of the Consultant/evaluator’s work under this assignment.
The Consultant/evaluator shall not publish nor otherwise use any portion of the report without the written authorization of WV Iraq.
The Consultant/evaluator shall waive any copyright to the work produced as a result of the contract.
Child Protection Policy:
The contracted party will abide by WVI and WV Iraq Child protection Policy. Copies of the Child protection policy and orientation will be provided to the contractor right before starting the work.

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