Warehouse Assistant

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Location Duhok Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Agriculture

Warehouse Assistant Responsibilities:

  •  Establish and maintain inventory control systems for all materials.
  •  Enter data in inventory daily base purchase transfer & issue etc.
  •  Monitoring inventory level to gauge restocking needs.
  •  Prepare various inventory reports.
  •  Checking goods received, recording any damaged, missing faulty goods.
  •  Compiling and inspecting shipping-related documents.
  •  Conducted inventories to verify audit readiness, quality control, and accuracy of stock on hand.
  •  Maintain stable temperature conditions within the warehouse especially where drugs, chemicals,s, and perishable food items are concerned.
  •  Supervising the work of junior staff. Making sure that all inventory processes are completed on the same day.
  •  Ensure quality control of goods coming in and going out of the warehouse.
  •  Ensure all request material delivery in a timely manner in adherence to schedule.
  •  Ensure that all paperwork is correctly prepared for invoicing and handed directly to the line manager for approval ready for invoicing on time.
  •  Adjust inventory levels to reflect receipts and disbursements.
  •  Prepare purchase requests in inventory to obtain necessary supplies for the coming work week.
  •  Work as an active team member to complete team goals.

Warehouse Helper Requirements:

  •  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  •  Proven working experience as a warehouse assistant.
  •  Proficiency in inventory software, databases, and system.
  •  Computer literate, specifically MS Word & Excel.
  •  Good organizational and time management skills.
  •  Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  •  Strong verbal & oral communication skills (English, Arabic & Kurdish)
  •  Regular, Punctual & reliable.

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