Tool Pusher

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Location Basrah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Oil & Gas


  1. Has at least 3 years of practical experience in this field or as a deputy.
  2. Holds a university degree or higher with a high level of management.
  3. Ability to use English as a working language.
  4. Full knowledge of the practical treatment and operating mechanisms and measures of work for the maintenance of wells and be familiar with the work of the computer and the ability to work designs and summaries in English.

Job title :-

  1. Follow all laws and coordination with the company.
  2. Responsible for the daily production and operations to complete the commercial objective according to the tasks and instructions by the quality department.
  3. Be responsible for the day-to-day management and assess the performance of the responsible for them.
  4. Be responsible for the inspection and maintenance of equipment and equipment.
  5. Have the skill to train and qualify employees.
  6. Be responsible for quality control.
  7. Be responsible for the introduction of engineering data and fill engineering reports.
  8. Perform manager tasks when they do not exist.
  9. Complete the other tasks assigned by the leader

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