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Location Baghdad Job Type Contract
Salary Sector NGO

STTA Climate Communications Expert
Fulltime- Short term contract



The purpose of the Iraq Governance Performance and Accountability (IGPA) - Takamul project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, implemented by DAI, will work with the Government of Iraq (GOI) at all levels to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public sector transparency, accountability, and economy. “Reform initiatives” includes support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives. IGPA/Takamul will support the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly. IGPA/Takamul has four (4) objectives:

1. Enhance GOI service delivery capacity
2. Improve public financial management
3. Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure
4. Support Iraqi change agents to ensure sustainability of reform

Under the Climate Change Governance activity, Task Order 6, IGPA will support the Government of Iraq (GOI) as it seeks to increase its efforts at addressing climate change issues as part of its commitment to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The approach and activities of TO6 involve a mixture of mitigation and adaptation, and reflect IGPA’s experience and lessons learned while undertaking programming in the key service delivery sectors of water, solid waste, electricity, and agriculture. Additionally, TO6 will leverage the project’s productive relationships with Iraqi decision-makers and civil society to focus on strengthening governance – the provision of technical assistance to improve decision making, planning, resourcing and the creation of policy, regulatory and legislative frameworks that will support climate change action and build resilience of GOI institutions at all levels.


The purpose of this task order is to provide technical assistance under the general scope of the overall contract through three tasks: a) Improving climate change governance in key sectors b) Supporting GOI in addressing climate changes, including engaging Iraqis and COP26 participation; c) Supporting provincial level climate change governance.

IGPA Task Order 6 must coordinate and complement activities closely with the Governments of Iraq, other USG- funded activities, and other donor-led initiatives designed to strengthen climate change adaptation in ways that leverage their investments to ensure burden sharing and build upon achievements and lessons learned from past climate change adaptation initiatives. 

The purpose of this position is to work with the Ministry of Health and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, and other participating GOI ministries to develop thematic presentations to be

used during events leading up to and including COP26, particularly in the sectors of water and agriculture. This support will include briefings, background reports, factsheets, and other communications products and materials. This position will coordinate and collaborate directly as part of a team with at least foreign national similarly hired to support communication efforts for COP26.

1: Internal and External Communications Plan for COP26

  • Description: The STTA will be responsible for drafting an internal and external communications plan toguide the external outreach of key GOI ministries, USAID, and the IGPA project. The communications planwill detail the objectives of each ministry’s engagement at COP26, the communications strategy to achieveobjectives, and the steps required both before and during COP26. The communications plan will also includea detailed outline of resources required to achieve stated objectives, inclusive of staffing, print/publication,and related budgets.
  • The overall goal of these plans will be for GOI entities to develop, measure, and report against credibleclimate change goals, and to be able to communicate these goals in an effective manner on the internationalstage, including the upcoming COP26.
  • The STTA will conduct a series of consultations with key GOI ministerial staff in preparation of thecommunications plans and be available to advise GOI staff during COP26.
  • Deliverables:
            i. Master COP 26 Internal and External Communications Plan
2: Ministerial Thematic Presentations
  • Description: The STTA will lead the drafting of Ministerial Thematic Presentations, or external-facing reports to be utilized by ministry staff during their participation in COP26. The reports will be utilized to communicate the key climate change projects, activities, challenges, needs, and opportunities of the Ministry of Health and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, and other participating GOI ministries. The STTA will work closely with GOI ministerial staff in development of these presentations.
  • Deliverable: At least two ministerial presentations/reports/publications for external audiences, likely on water and agriculture, to be distributed at COP26. The deliverable is final when approved by IGPA’s Communication Staff and submitted for publication/printing. The presentations / reports / publications will feature one or more of the following:
           i. Detailed briefings on the current projects, activities, challenges, opportunities, and financing needs facing the sector/ministry related to climate change
           ii. Background reports, with relevant graphics
           iii. Factsheets on key sectoral issues
           iv. Factsheets on ministerial initiatives
            v. Other communications products and materials as requested by IGPA, USAID, or the relevant ministry

3: Weekly Reports

  • Description: A Weekly Report to be submitted to USAID every week, inclusive of the following items: highlights of outcomes and achievements, project management update, staffing changes, high-level meetings, trainings conducted, challenges and recommendations for USAID engagement, and next steps.
  • Deliverable: Weekly report to be submitted on each Wednesday to the Task Order Team Lead to be approved and sent to IGPA’s communications team.

Additionally, the STTA will continue to follow up with their key counterparts in relevant ministries following COP26 and provide assistance for new external projects and products that are initiated as a result of COP26.


  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, energy policy, water resources, agriculture, climate change, environmental studies, strategic communications, or related field.
  • Master’s degree in energy policy, water resources, agriculture, climate change, environmental studies, strategic communications, or related field is preferred but not required.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in external communication, advertising, graphic design, and/or public affairs.
  • Experience on USAID environment sector-oriented projects is preferred but not required.
  • Demonstrated experience supporting projects on green finance, natural resources, water and waste management, clean energy, greenhouse gas management, carbon markets, and economic analysis of climate change mitigation and adaptation options is highly preferable.
  • Fluency in Arabic (speaking, reading and writing) is required.
  • Fluency in English (speaking, reading and writing) required.
  • Excellent technical and report writing skills.

How to apply: You can address your application to: Your application will not be taken into consideration if you do not insert the position title in subject line of your e mail. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. This position is for Iraqi nationals only.


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