Strengthening resilience in dealing with crises and conflicts in Ninewa Province in Iraq) for Interested Companies for the “Youth enumerators and mediators (YEM) project as part of GIZ

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Call for Letter of Expression of Interest
Youth enumerators and mediators (YEM) project as part of GIZ “Strengthening resilience in dealing with crises and conflicts in Ninewa Province in Iraq” programme

Youth are considered as a positive factor to achieve peace and stabilization in Ninewa and youth is increasingly recognized as a key stakeholder for inclusive peace processes on local and national level. However, their actual contribution and real-life opportunities to engage first-hand in conflict transformation, including dialog, mediation, and peace processes, remain very limited.
This project aims at giving youth the opportunity to be involved in addressing local disputes, taking into consideration the knowledge from formal peace and conflict studies and professional approaches such as mediation, interest-based negotiation, etc. instead of traditional dispute resolution and tribal practices of elders. I is also meant to build the local capacity of peace mechanisms, such as the newly formed “Community Dialog Committees” in Iraq, with focus on Ninewa province.

Service Requirement:
The firm will build the capacity of selected youth from Ninewa governorate in the 5 targeted districts of Ninewa governorate: Tel Afar, Mosul, Hamdaniya, Sinjar, and Tel Kaif (170 youth in total) on enumeration and data collection techniques, and among them, to build the capacity of 60 youth in conflict analysis and mediation, as well as to establish a network of youth mediators.

Scope of work:

  •  In consultation with the GIZ SRN team, the contractor firm will develop selection criteria and lead the application and selection process, including developing an application form. The youth shall be recruited from the 5 targeted districts: Tel Afar, Mosul, Hamdaniya, Sinjar, and Tel Kaif, with approx. 34 youth per each district. Youth shall be university students or recent graduates that are coming from different ethno-religious identity groups
  •  In close collaboration with the Peacebuilding Officer and the head of the GIZ SRN Peacebuilding component, the contractor will develop two training curricula for the two respective training cohorts:
    •  1st training curriculum: On enumeration, which will focus on data collection, interviewing techniques, actors mapping, research, Do-No-Harm approach, conflict-, and context-sensitivity.
    •  2nd training curriculum: On conflict analysis, and different approaches to conflict resolution and dispute settlement, such as mediation, negotiation and advanced peacebuilding principles
  •  The main role of the firm will be building the capacity of selected youth (170) from Ninewa governorate along the two developed training curricula. The capacity building will include various training methodologies and approaches, including:
    •  Theory and concepts
    •  Practical exercises, including role plays, scenarios, working on conflict cases studies from Ninewa
    •  Guidance during real-life interventions like real data collection and conflict resolution interventions in Ninewa
    •  Online sessions and remote guidance throughout
    • Simulations for resolving local disputes and involvement in settling real disputes
  •  In consultation with GIZ SRN and other national and international organizations, the contractor will do an assessment of pre-existing local facilitator networks or institutions that can collaborate with the young enumerators and young mediators. The contracting firm will recommend a pathway of either linking the young mediators and young enumerators to an established institution or recommendations on how to establish and maintain a new network

Expected outcomes:

  •  Development of selection criteria, development of an application form, pre-selection of youth
  •  Two curricula for the two training cohorts of youth, covering the topics mentioned in the services section
  •  Delivery of two capacity building tracks, along the following scheme:

First training track on enumeration (170 youth):

  •  4 days (3 days training + 1-day feedback session after collecting the data for each cohort) X 10 cohorts X 17 youth per cohort = 170 youth in total = 40 training days.
  •  The services of this track of the capacity building shall be delivered over 6-7 months (The training will be delivered during the weekend).
  •  Second training track on mediation (The best 60 youth will be selected for the second training track):
  •  10 days for each youth cohort. 10 X 5 cohorts (12 youth per cohort as we have 60 youth in total) = 50 days.
  •  The services of this second track of the capacity building will be delivered over 4-6 months

- A short assessment (5 pages) of the existing facilitator networks in Iraq, including a written recommendation on a sustainable “handing-over” or integration strategy for the 110 youth alumni who participated in the first track of capacity development, as well as for the 60 young mediator alumni who participated in the second track
The approximate technical requirement of the consultant is as follows:

  •  General professional experience: Several years of general professional experience working in international cooperation, development cooperation, humanitarian aid, or peacebuilding
  •  Specific professional experience: Several years of experience in delivering training (Including youth capacity building) on peace and conflict related topics
  •  Specific professional experience: Several years of experience in capacity development in peace and conflict related topics
  •  Leadership/management experience Interested Iraqi companies (or Iraqi company in consortium with an international company) are kindly requested to express their interest for the above-mentioned services, to send a Letter of Interest with following documents:
  1.  Introduction of the company. This can be through providing its Profile
  2.  Provide references of similar services
  3.  Provide the copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration (Company Certificate), all documents should be updated
  4.  Provide a letter directed to GIZ exploring the interest to work with GIZ for above mentioned service.
  5.  Provide CVs of the employees at the firm
  6.  At least three References
  7.  Bank data with all details from a local bank (Bank Name, Account Holder, IBAN, account number).

Interested companies must submit above requirement forms (I. to IX.) via email to with the email subject name ‘’ SRN - Youth enumerators and mediators (YEM) ‘’.
The deadline for submission is:
On Saturday, 16.10.2021
AT 15:00

CV applications will not be accepted to the mentioned email.

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