Sterilization Technician

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Location Mosul Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector NGO

MSF Switzerland is looking for an Sterilization Technician

Main purpose of the role: 
According to protocols applied in medical structure, carrying out sterilization of medical equipment, instruments and surfaces, according to MSF protocols and procedures and (international) hygiene standards, in order to ensure an efficient quality of care and safe environment in a Covid-19 health care facility.
Apply MSF principles, protocols, values and internal regulation and adhere to the rules implemented within MSF Covid-19 Centre

Other tasks of the role:  
  • Knowing and strictly applying all specific sterilization and hygiene protocols and security rules. Proactively seeking advice and clarifications from the functional supervisor in case of doubt, about the specific protocols or procedure to follow in the specific context of Covid 19
  • Maintaining the working environment allocated to his/her position clean, disinfected and safe, using the tools and equipment provided. This includes cleaning all instruments in the sterilization solution and running them through the sterilizer, operating at the correct time according to instructions. In addition to make sure all material/equipment are in perfect condition (no rust, proper sharpness of scissors, regular application of oiling the instrument with junction, etc.)
  • Maintaining the sterilization area/room and equipment clean and organized, recognizing all instruments as per the provided diagrams, organizing all instruments for packaging, packing the instruments according to the sets as directed by the supervisor and labelling all sets correctly with the expiry date clearly indicated.
  • Delivering the instruments to the different wards or departments.
  • Collecting and evacuating waste produced and transport to the designated site, previously sorted by medical staff, ensuring an efficient quality of care and safe environment for patient and staff especially in Covid19 context.
  • Reporting any repair or maintenance work needed related to sterilization to the supervisor, as well as any relevant information related to his/her responsibilities.
  • Ensuring availability of sterilized instruments and material, and drawing up orders for on-going needs
  • Performing minor maintenance and cleaning of the biomedical equipment used, following user manual and protocols. Alerting the supervisor in case of malfunctioning of any device.
  • Essential Experience in a similar position of minimum 1 year including at least 1 year mandatory “internship“ with DoH 
  • Desirable experience with MSF or other NGOs
  • Essential high school degree or diploma (scientific background is an asset)
  • Essential Fluency in Arabic, desirable basic level of English 
  • For applicants with foreign certificates, Iraqi recognised state-diploma is required.
  • For applicants registered under DOH Ninewa, a non-objection letter should be provided only if the staff is selected. 
We offer
  • Remuneration in accordance to the Incentive grid
  • The chance to gain professional development and training within an international organisation
  • The opportunity to contribute to our objective of saving lives, alleviating suffering and working with those most in need.

How to Apply:
  • Please send cover letter & CV, Diploma & DoH Card to 
  • or hand in your cover letter and CV in the CV box located in Nablus Hospital 
  • Please put “Sterilization Technician East Mosul” on the application.
  • Please do not hand in any CVs produced in shops. They will not be considered.
  • Handwritten CVs and cover letters are acceptable.
  • Only DOH staffs under DOH Ninewa and from Ninewa governorate are allowed to work in Al Salam Teaching Hospital.
  • In all CVS you need to clearly state your experience by writing the organisation you have worked, the duration of the employment (which year and how long) and description of the job you performed.  
  • We recommend all applicants to write a cover letter containing an introduction of yourself, explaining why you are applying for the position, and explaining why you think you are suitable for the position. 
  • The deadline for application is 07/10/2020.
  • English CVs only 
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Your application will not be returned to you at any stage of the recruitment process.


MSFCH will manage COVID-19 Intensive Care Facility in the Al Salam Teaching Hospital, Mosul, in order to support DOHN’s response to COVID-19 pandemic by providing lifesaving intensive care for COVID-19 confirmed severe cases.
As a part of the MSFCH team, you will be directly exposed to potential contact with COVID-19 patients. Therefore, all interested candidates must ensure not to have any medical pre-existing condition that would make them more vulnerable in case of contamination of the virus.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth. People with the following pre-existing medical conditions are more vulnerable to develop complications from this disease:
 - Age > 60 years old
- Obesity and Severe Obesity – BMI >30 and ≥ 40
- Diabetes
- Cardiovascular Disease, including hypertension, coronary disease, arrhythmia, heart failure
- Chronic lung disease (including asthma, COPD, TB), heavy smokers
- Chronic kidney or liver disease, including Hepatitis B/C
- Pregnancy
- Immunosuppression/immunocompromising conditions such as:
- Cancer treatment 
- Bone marrow or solid organ transplant
- Immunodeficiencies
- Prolonged use of corticosteroids or other immunosuppressants

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