Service and Maintenance Officer

Posted 5 months ago by Meraki Ventures
Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Operations , Logistics, Services

Job title: Service and maintenance officer
Reports to: CEO

Job purpose

This is a role for a creative individual with excellent agility and loyalty to lead the role of a service provider, they will hold a huge responsibility to check-up routinely on the MV devices (advertising devices put on tables of Restaurants and cafes) of our company that is set at our locations, and ensure their functionality and maintenance.


Duties and responsibilities

 Routinely visit the locations where our devices are active for check-ups to make sure all the advertisements and content are uploaded according to our standard procedure and Checklists.
 Perform maintenance of our MV Player Devices (check the iPhone/android chargers and replace in case 0f malfunction, monitors, battery, charge ability).
 Be the Contact person with the MV Player locations (restaurants, cafes, hotels, malls) and make sure their needs are met.
 Install MV Player Devices to new locations and remove devices from locations to our warehouse if it needs to.
 Conduct experiments and surveys to ensure customer and client satisfaction.



  • No Previous experience required
  • Must have their own Car
  • Must speak Kurdish, Arabic, and English.
  •  Basic understanding of devices and electronics.
  •  Working knowledge of tools, common appliances, and devices
  •  Great communication skills


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