Senior Procurement & Logistics Officer

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Location Erbil Job Type Contract
Salary Sector Logistics, NGO
Type of Position: Employment contract, Full time
Length of Contract: 12 months
Role of Senior Procurement and Logistics Officer:
The Senior Procurement and Logistics Officer is based in Erbil, with frequent travels to other areas of KRI. The Senior Procurement and Logistics Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of Procurement and Logistic processes with emphasis on the following activities:
  • Procurement 
  • Stock Management and Custom Clearance 
  • Facilities Maintenance, Security and Contracts
  • Fleet Management 
  • Equipment Maintenance and Management 
  • Service Contracts Management
Specific responsibilities:
  • Ensure that SEED Foundation’s procedures are carried out for all procurement and that correct supporting documentation and approval is received 
  • Purchase goods ensuring the optimum price/quality ratio on the market 
  • Collect quotations and check prices for purchase of goods and services 
  • Ensure that the suppliers fill in all receipts/invoices for purchases correctly 
  • Translate receipts/invoices written from Kurdish or Arabic into English 
  • Ensure the delivery of all purchased items to the requester 
  • Ensure that Procurement filing systems are maintained and up-to-date as per SEED Foundation’s procedures 
  • Ensure that contracts are up to date and filled accordingly
  • Stock Management and Custom Clearance:
  • Check, record, and distribute goods received 
  • Regularly check inventory levels (physical counts) 
  • When an order is received: Check the number of packages, check packaging and content and inform supervisor of any problems (missing or damaged goods, etc.). 
  • Ensure that all items are well organized and correctly stored, protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, security, access, etc.). 
  • Managing the Customs clearance by Road and by Air of any stocks received by SEED Foundation 
Facilities Management and Maintenance: 
  • Responsible for the maintenance of equipment and premises 
  • Carry out repairs when necessary or liaise with repairers as per SEED Foundation procedures 
Fleet Management: 
  • Responsible for the maintenance and running of fleet, ensuring that the drivers carry out daily/weekly maintenance requirements 
  • Organize movements of cars as per programme needs 
Equipment Management: 
  • Ensure equipment management systems/reports are up-to-date and maintained as per SEED Foundation Procedures. 
  • Carry out an annual Asset check. 
  • Maintain an asset registry 
IT and Communications: 
  • Ensure that all procurement of computers, software, printers is efficient, cost- effective, and meets requirements. 
  • Maintenance of computers (hardware and software), and other communications and technical equipment of the organization. 
  • Distribute communications equipment and manage phone credit system. 
Key Values:
  • Serve as a positive role model and SEED Foundation at all times.
  • Treat all people with respect regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, disability status, marital status and ethnicity.
  • Work collaboratively with all colleagues.
  • Maintain a positive, cooperative attitude.
Essential Criteria 
  • 3+ years’ experience from working in similar position in a professional environment.
  • Ensure compliance with SEED Foundation procedures and policies
  • Ability to remain focused under pressure with a commitment to work hard and for long hours.
  • Good character, cooperative and honest.
  • Good knowledge in English, Kurdish and Arabic 
  • Geographical area knowledge


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