Senior Accountant

Posted over 1 year ago
Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Accountancy

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Records journal entries related to petty cash, employees travel, employee loans, deductions, and medical Insurance.
  • Records all Management expenses.
  • Reviews and records sales commissions.
  • Develops, maintains and updates proper assets register.
  • Record Acquisitions entries for new assets.
  • Prepare monthly adjustment entries (prepaid, depreciation, and accruals).
  • Conducts Annual fixed assets, physical count and reports significant variances.
  • Manage the issuing, recording, reconciliation, replenishment, safeguarding, and accounting entries of petty cash.
  • Assisting to prepare monthly financial statements, reports and records by collecting, analyzing and summarizing accounts information.
  •  Supervise general ledger section.
  • Auditing and verifying transactions and supporting documents related by GL transactions 
  • Assist internal and external audits to ensure compliance,
  • Assist with audits of financial statements by preparing schedules and responding to auditor requests.
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of financial reports from Accpac System.
  •  Maintain accurate monthly Assets management accounts reconciliations Between Asset Management & General Ledger.
  • Maintain accurate GL transactions for Baghdad.
  • Prepare B2B monthly Sales commissions.
  • Audit & Post fixed assets transactions.
  • Prepare Receipts and invoices entries.  
  • Prepare Any transactions related to in warranty sales and in warranty COGS
  • Submit Monthly reports related to out of warranty sales, return, COGS and GP
  • Create new item Cards and apply new prices for new items and modify it over ERP.
  • Transfers between showrooms and SVC Centers. 
  • Prepare All transactions related to stock adjustments
  • Conduct Stocktaking (match between physical stock with the systematic balance, POS, Ready in Location and Damage & Defected Items.)
  • Reconcile PR Transactions (Compensations, Invoices, Credit notes received from Samsung; 1 Hour repair and incentives.)
  • Prepare entries related to monthly closing process (Purchases Warranty and returns).
  • Controlling the stock inputs & outputs  from warehouses 
  •  Tracking & updating stocks both on sheets & ERP system 
  •  Avoiding Stock shortage
  • Maintain high level of control
  •  Verifying periodically the matching between physical quantities in stocks with those indicated in System
  • undertaking the necessary corrective measures in case of discrepancies
  • Control on Cost and quantity that issued to Baghdad.
  •  Control on SVC and mobile stock through compensated and invoices from vendors and audited on journal entries related clarify.
  • Submit daily and monthly stock report to top management.
  • Conduct Stocktaking for all sales channels (Cash Van, Showrooms, Main stores).
  •  Monitoring of stocktaking for operators and military stock.
  • Stock reconciliations for showrooms and stores ( clearing accounts )
  • Shipment entry.
  • Post all Inventory Control entries.
  • Audit and post all the transactions related to AR modules.
  • Audit and post all the transactions related to AP modules.


Job Specifications:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
  • 1-3 years of related experience.


Key Competencies (Skills, Abilities and Knowledge)

  • Benefits Payroll Processing
  • Professional knowledge
  • Taxation
  • Expenses & expenditures management
  • Risk Management
  • Professional  knowledge
  • Revenue management
  • Governance, ethics and values in financial management 

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