Security Risk Management Advisor

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Location Baghdad Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
  • Leads the risk management operations within the AoR under guidance of the Head of SRM.
  • Represents the RMO in Baghdad.
  • Ensures all policies and procedures are effectively communicated and respected within the respective RMO.
  • Collects up to date security and political information through formal and informal contacts.
  • Ensures all collected data are logged in a database system.
  • Establishes good working relationships with senior local security authorities and maintains friendly relations with as many domestic security and intelligence services as possible.
  • Establishes formal and informal contacts with senior actors that have or may have positive/ negative influence on the process of a safe and secure project implementation.
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with relevant sections of NGOs, GOs, and UN organizations; and attends the local security meetings organized by development organizations if possible.
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with informal power structures.
  • Briefs Head of SRM on the security and political situation of the AoR whenever necessary (change occurs or being occurred/ fresh intelligence received).
  • Provides safety and security briefing for newly arrived international staff as delegated.
  • Assists the Head of SRM in providing security briefing for coordination/ information meetings.
  • Drafts incident reports, threat warnings, and advisories, etc.
  • Conducts site security assessments (residence, office, sub-office, guest house, warehouse and etc).
  • Facilitates project implementation in a safe and secure manner.
  • Records and reports any project related irregularities and dissatisfaction.
  • Mapping of natural districts, establish and updating of database.
  • Mapping of security related incidents; man-made, establish and update database.
  • Mapping of health related risks, establish and update database
  • Mapping of Political, military ethnic and religious realities and power, establish and update database.
  • Establish contact network with relevant government bodies in AoR.
  • Establish contact network with other actors that; a) can give based information about any relevant developments. And b) that are influential with regards to such developments example, elders, tribal leaders, religious leaders, political leader, other peoples with power and any given region within AoR.
  • Monitors road conditions regarding security in AoR, including registering, mapping, and reporting to Head of SRM.
The following skills are required in order to do the job well; therefore the holder of the position has to have it, and or acquire it. The Head of SRM supports the process.
  • Decision- making capacity: Ability to manage and evaluate performance of staff under supervision; demonstrated sound judgment in security management skills to resolve a range of protection issues/problems; excellent knowledge of GIZ Security policies, procedures and practices.
  • Planning and Organization: Ability to plan and organize assignments for staff under supervision.
  • Accountability: Operates/functions in compliance with service rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Assumes full responsibility for all actions and decisions.
  • Technology Awareness: Willingness to use automation technology. Computer skills are required. Have excellent data entry skill, including but lot limited to, Google sheets and Heat mapping.
  • Work under Stress: Professional and courteous attitude and demonstrated ability to work effectively in a stressful environment.
  • Communication: good oral and written communication skills in English are required. Ability to provide instruction clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. A high sense of confidentiality.
  • Teamwork: Ability to lead and motivates staff under supervision. Ability to work in multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity, including gender balance. Ability to resolve conflicts among the security staff.
  • Commitment in continuous learning: Interest in upgrading and learning new skills in professional area.

  • Bachelor degree with supplementary in the work place security trainings is necessary (Security focal point minimum).
  • Higher education, Middle Eastern or Islamic studies
  • HTML web designer; Advanced
  • Google apps documents; Advanced
  • Fluent English
Professional experience
  • 3 to 5 years of progressive working experience in a similar position with management experience, Head of Office or Project Manager
Other knowledge, additional competences
  • To have influence in multicultural environments of the area of responsibility.
  • Excellent social skills to built further network of contacts.
  • Having a wide network contacts in the area of responsibility.
Deadline for application: 14th December 2017

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