Security Risk Management Advisor

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Location Basrah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
1. Security risk management 
  • Monitors the security situation and advises on short-term, mid-term, and long- term changes based on trends and developments in Basra and Southern Iraq 
  • Collects up-to-date security and political information through formal and informal contacts 
  • Monitors road conditions regarding security in the area of responsibility 
  • Maintains and colour-codes the movement map according to up-to-date security information 
  • Maintains and updates mapping of natural districts; security-related (man-made) incidents; health-related risks; political, military, ethnic, and religious realities and structures. 
  • Supports and enables projects to be implemented in a safe and secure manner 
  • Acts as the primary security focal point for all GIZ staff in Basra and wider Southern Iraq 
  • Maintains the security risk management system for Basra in line with the country- wide system 
  • Conducts site security assessments (residence, office, sub-office, guest house, warehouse and etc.) and advise on mitigation measures, also support implementation 
  • Ensures all collected data are logged in a database system. 
  • Ensures all policies and procedures are effectively communicated and respected 
  • Supports incident and crisis management 
2. Liaison and networking 
  • Acts as the focal point to contracted security providers in Basra 
  • Cultivates a cooperative and service-oriented relationship with projects and colleagues 
  • Establishes formal and informal contacts with senior actors that have or may have an influence on the process of a safe and secure project implementation 
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with relevant sections of NGOs, GOs, and UN organizations; and attends the local security meetings organized by development organizations if possible 
  • Establishes good working relationships with governmental bodies and senior local security authorities and maintains friendly relations with domestic security and intelligence services 
  • Establishes contact networks with other relevant actors 
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with informal power structures 
3. Security briefings and advise 
  • Briefs and advises the Head of the RMO on the security and political situation in Basra whenever requested, changes occur, or fresh intelligence is received. 
  • Provides safety and security briefing for newly arrived national and international staff 
4. Reporting 
  • Provides regular updates to the Head of RMO to inform security briefings and coordination/information meetings 
  • Records and reports any project-related irregularities and dissatisfaction 
  • Immediately reports all incidents regarding transportation to the RMO 
  • Drafts incident reports, threat warnings, and advisories, etc. 
  • Supports the biweekly in-country briefing and RMO’s analysis products 
5. Other duties/additional tasks 
  • Supports fleet management and movement monitoring as well as colleagues’ journey management 
  • Take on other related tasks assigned by the RMO 
Required qualifications, competencies and experience 
  • Decision-making capacity: Demonstrated well-balanced judgment in security management skills to mitigate vulnerabilities, threats, and risks as well as manage protection issues 
  • Planning and organization: Sound organizational and management skills including a strong service orientation. Ability to plan and organize assignments with little supervision, prepared to upmanage and ask for support when it is needed 
  • Accountability: Operates in compliance with service rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Assumes full responsibility for actions and decisions 
  • Technology awareness: Willingness to use automation technology. Computer skills and basic familiarity with vehicle tracking systems are required 
  • Work under stress: Professional and courteous attitude and demonstrated ability to work effectively in a stressful environment 
  • Communication: Ability to provide instruction clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. A high sense of confidentiality 
  • Teamwork: Ability to lead yet closely coordinate with team colleagues and superior virtually. Ability to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity, including gender. Ability to manage interpersonal conflicts with a high level of self-reflection 
  • Commitment in continuous learning: Interest in upgrading and learning new skills in this professional field 
  • University degree in a related field such as well as relevant security trainings 
  • Higher education, courses in military, police and other relevant field is an asset 
Professional experience 
  • 3 to 7 years of progressive working experience in a similar position 
  • Proven working knowledge of security risk management for humanitarian/development actors 

Other knowledge, additional competencies 
  • Good working knowledge of ICT technologies and computer applications (e.g. MS Office, Access or other database programmes) 
  • Proficiency in both English and Arabic 
  • Well-connected and well-respected in the geographical area of responsibility 
  • Excellent social skills to build further network of contacts 


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