Sales Manager

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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Sales
The candidate would be required to meet clients, perform presentations, liaise with internal technical department regarding technical requirements and feasibility, budgeting project cost and margins, this level are responsible for handling administrative tasks such as order processing, handling correspondence, daily customers’ requirements of creation, activation, de-activation. Monitoring, reviewing and distributing sales related documents and tracking reports. The jobs in this level are also responsible for developing commission related reports and ensuring proper follow-up on commission payment process for distributors & Corporate Sales
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Sells codes to the customer and provide on time.
  • Understand the Sales strategy and plans and participate in the achievement of objectives and targets. Manage the sales outside the company and be sure about target market.
  •  Attend to the complaints of the customers immediately and try to settle their grievances quickly and sincerely.
  • Selling the link and codes to the customer from inside and outside KRG.
  • Implement operation policies and procedures in order to ensure the fulfilment of company requirements whilst delivering high-quality services
  • Control the daily quota of the distributors into the market.
  •  This duty includes meeting the prospects, presenting and demonstrating the products, inducing the prospects to buy, taking orders and effecting sales.
  • Required to collect information about the credit-worthiness of the customers. In such a case, he has to collect detailed information and submit it to his firm in time.
  • Manage the price stability in the market and make sure no one is dropping prices across the country.
  • providing information about the calls made, sales effected, services rendered, route schedule, expenses incurred, business conditions, competition, send his report daily or weekly to his manager to show his activities during this time.
  • It is required to attend the sales meetings convened by his employer at periodical intervals to discuss the marketing problems, sales promotion activities, sales policies, etc.
  • Control the inventory activities on the distributors, the daily quota of the distributors into the market, and stock level within the distributors.
  • Salesman, has to arrange for the packing of the goods sold and the delivery of the packages to the buyers.
  • Salesman has to build up satisfied clientele (i.e., customers) for his employer.
  • Make a proper escalation and reports to the management of HR explaining the issues once it happens.
  • Arrange the distributors meeting and align with the related department to make sure the related presentation is ready on time and Control the inventory activities on the distributors WH.
  • Control the processes to do all kind of activities with the other department and Follow up with the operation team and the area manager the High denomination TopUp.
  • Creating codes or required form IPTV engineer department to send to the customer and selling them.
Minimum Job Requirements:
  • University degree in Computer information systems or Information Technology, Communication Engineering or Electronics.
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Two to four years of operations management in the same field.
  • Associate’s degree or higher OR 2+ years professional work experience.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Being familiar with the Hospitality industry is a plus, knowledge of IPTV technology, some understanding of networking and WIFI solutions.

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