Rig Doctor

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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Medical & Nursing
The Rig Doctor provides emergency medical care for rig personnel, in addition to on-going care of injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. Rig doctors comprise the rig’s primary first aid response team and report directly to the Safety Officer. Their responsibilities include keeping accurate medical reports of injuries and illnesses, taking inventory of all medical supplies, and maintaining an on-board database of medical records for all personnel.
Rig doctors are shore-based doctors who have completed the necessary certificate training, the most important of which is Medical First Aid course as well as BLS & ACLS.
The rig doctor commands all medical situations directly linked to the operational effectiveness of the rig site medical requirements. His areas of responsibility are as follows
  • The duty hours will be from 0800 hrs. to 2000 hrs. seven days a week. The doctor will be on call out of duty hours to respond to any emergency call by opening the facility and treating the patient.
  • Acts as primary emergency response unit.
  • Provides medical care for injured and ill personnel.
  • Operates and maintains service ability of medical equipment.
  • Maintains service ability and cleanliness of rig hospital.
  • Keeps an accurate inventory of medical supplies and makes orders as necessary.
  • Acts as rig medical liaison to shore-based medical facilities.
  • Directly reports all injuries and illnesses to the Safety Officer and LST Ops.
  • Maintains current medical records for all rig personnel.
  • Notifies rig Department Heads of department-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Advises the Safety officer of medical emergency procedures, including emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Monitors    food    storage   facilities,   maintaining  hygiene   and temperature requirements.
  • Performs regular testing of water and filtration units.
  • Assists the rig Safety Officer in identifying potential hazards.

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