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QANDIL is a Swedish non‐governmental humanitarian aid organization founded in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden. Having continuously operated in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq ever since, QANDIL’s main priorities of work are protection, refugee and IDP initiatives, WASH, construction, education and capacity building. QANDIL is currently UNHCR’s largest implementing partner in Erbil Governorate.

The Protection Assistant will work on QANDIL’s ‘PARC Project’. The project is a joint initiative by UNHCR and QANDIL, which aims to uphold the rights of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)   within Debaga. The Protection Assistant will be a key member of a mobile team, which will visit IDPs in villages, camps and other IDP   settlements across Debaga. Protection Assistance and Reintegration Center (PARC) is a joint project funded by UNHCR and implemented by QANDIL. The objective of PARC is to fulfill the rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Iraq’s internally displaced persons (IDPs). Through PARC, QANDIL currently employs more than 180 full‐ time staff providing various types of services.   PARC’s Refugee Component provides Refugees assistance with Registration, Legal Aid, Community Services, and Protection, all in a one‐stop‐shop. In close cooperation with the KRG Directorate of Residency, QANDIL also helps Refugees obtain their residency permits to be able to live and work in Kurdistan Region. Most of the Refugees in Kurdistan of are Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian origin. PARC’s IDP Component provides Legal Aid, Community Services, and Protection assistance to IDPs. The majority of IDPs in KRI are originally from the Iraqi governorates of Al‐Anbar, Mosul (including Shingal), and others parts of Iraq. They are of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds, including Yezidi Kurds, Shabaks, Arabs, Christians etc. In order to offer legal assistance, protection, and community services to the maximum number of Refugees and IDPs, QANDIL has formed PARC Mobile Teams. Each Mobile Team consists of a Lawyer, a Protection Assistant, and a Community Service Assistant (CSA) who conduct daily field visits throughout Debaga where IDPs, incl. those in camps and outside of camps, such as in churches, schools, unfinished buildings, and incomplete construction sites.


  • § Participate in protection monitoring visits to locations across Debaga, and interview families in order to complete protection monitoring assessments.  
  • § Respond to the needs of individuals through referrals to PARC lawyers, civil society organizations, local authorities, other NGOs and UNHCR. Ensure timely and adequate follow‐up for every case referred. Swedish Humanitarian Aid Organization
  • § Keep detailed records of the protection needs identified and the actions you have taken to address these needs, including the use of appropriate referrals.
  • § Coordinate with local authorities, community leaders, security institutions and other public institutions to facilitate Protection Monitoring activities and to gather information on the ability of IDPs to access basic services and rights.  
  •  § Liaise with government officials to gather information related to IDP protection.
  •  § Facilitate community‐based protection strategies.  
  • § Write analytical weekly reports in English, for submission to the PARC Manager.
  • § Attend coordination meetings and trainings when required by supervisors.
  • § Strengthen communication and coordination with other humanitarian service providers, and establish a referral mechanism with them.
  • § Uphold QANDIL and UNHCR’s code of conduct, and ensure that all persons of concern are treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with humanitarian principles and human rights standards.
  • § Conduct other duties as assigned by supervisors.


Necessary Attributes/Qualifications  

  •  § Language skills; must have exemplary Arabic, Kurdish, and English.
  • § Willingness to work ‘in the field’ for a minimum of four days a week.
  • § Willingness to work in all areas of Debaga.  
  • § Must work well within ethnically diverse teams, and work cooperatively within teams.  

Desirable Qualifications

  • § Academic background (or significant work experience) in social work, community services, development, law, human rights, humanitarian response or other related field.
  • § At least two years work experience with Non‐Governmental Organizations, or other relevant experience.  

 Desirable Qualifications

  • § Academic background (or significant work experience) in social work, community services, development, law, human rights or humanitarian response. 
  •   § At least two years’ of work experience with Non‐Governmental Organizations, or other relevant experience.  

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