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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
Location: Baghdad & Erbil
The GIZ Private Sector Development & Employment Promotion Project (PSD) supports the  government of Iraq and the government of the Kurdish Region to develop its private sector  with the objective to create more job opportunities for young people. The project comprises  
the two Modules of Macro Economic Policy Consulting and Labour Market Interventions.  Thereby the latter Module includes the component of SME development support, innovation  and cooperation with the international private sector, which will be the area of placement.

We are working on job-related qualification measures for product, process or market  innovations within the framework of cooperation with international companies, professional associations or chambers, providing technical and process advice for local actors to identify  innovation potential and upgrade strategies in the selected sectors. Thereby we are enabling  “innovation coaches” within the private sector linked organs and doing entrepreneurship  promotion e.g. by supporting the development of business plans in the area of product,  process or market innovations from MSMEs and start-ups. 
The PSD project is looking for a project coordinator, who has collected work or education  experiences in the relevant fields. The duty station for this position is the GIZ Office in  Baghdad or Erbil.
As part of its approach to foster private sector company growth, the PSD project implements  
The position holder is responsible for: 
  • Adequate support to the Project Director and Team Leaders in project implementation matters, which includes planning, implementing, reporting, and monitoring & evaluation. 
  • Adequate support of the Team Leader and the team in the design, coordination and  implementation of activities for Entrepreneurship Development with a specific focus  on Market Innovation within the Module for employment Promotion, mainly in one or  more of the sectors Agribusiness / Photovoltaics / Waste Management /
  • Investigating innovative approaches for service and product development,  business opportunities, efficient business support, access to finance, etc. contributing in the development of Capacity Development concepts o implementing and monitoring of the project’s activities: taking over operational  tasks; coordinating, aligning, guiding individual activities 
  • liaising with any partners and other direct or indirect stakeholders, either  companies, chambers, official bodies, etc. and set up meetings and dialogues o supporting the emergence and maintenance of innovative clusters 
  • organizing, contributing and supervising different events like workshops, missions,  webinars, virtual conferences, etc.  
  • supporting the communication between partners, beneficiaries, experts, GIZ staff  and others, if necessary by translations. 
  • maintaining of a good flow of communication and information between all involved  institutions and counterparts and GIZ 

Research & development
The position holder will support 
  • conducting desk and field research, collecting and assessing data and information ▪ conceptualizing, drafting ToRs, reports, procurement documents, guiding analysis  and assessments, reviewing texts  
The position holder supports the implementation and monitoring of activities along the project cycle and assist the  team and the Team Leader in all respective matters. 
  • the designing, conceptualizing and realization of measures for skill and capacity  development measures and training programs, formal and nonformal education and  learning; job-oriented training systems, professional development, capacity  development for entrepreneurship, youth enabling, job creation and counselling and  mentoring for youth employment  
  • accompany international consultants in meetings with actors from the private and  public sector and provide minutes of those meetings 
  • the development, review and dissemination of sectoral expertise, learning and  knowledge materials with training participants, local companies, company staff,  private sector representations, etc. 
  • the identification of participants; identifies and reviews applicants for training and/or  learning journey participation and advertisement of trainings and activities  ▪ compiles relevant data for the Project impact monitoring and contributes to progress  reporting on his/her scope of work.  
Communication, knowledge sharing, networking and initiating cooperation The position holder will operate and contribute to 
  • identify, develop and establish and guide networks of institutions, entities and  persons from private sector, public sector, research and education facilities, society,  etc. and knowledge partners (Universities, NGOs, INGOs…) 
  • identify, develop and establish contacts with local resource persons, experts and  knowledge holders and influencers and integrating them  
  • adopt and apply modern methods of communication and cooperation by working with  suitable digital methods and tools: social media, virtual meeting tools, etc. ▪ identify, liaise, communicate, cooperate and ensure knowledge transfer with entities  and networks working in formal and non-formal education, skills training and  entrepreneurship development, private sector and its representations, with  companies with a strong potential for growth and employment creation,  ▪ improve SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs’ access to information about networking  opportunities. 
  • Coordinating with his/her colleagues in Baghdad and other regions on daily basis 
Other duties/additional tasks  
The position holder will support the project with any additional task if necessary, e.g. she/he ▪ supports the project with translation duties and any additional tasks if deemed  necessary. 
  • contributes to the development of communication material and presentation supports. 
Required qualifications, competences and experience 
  • Education: University degree (Bachelor / Master) in a relevant field (e.g. environmental and/or Engineering department, economics, business development,  innovation management, institutional building, etc.) 
Professional experience 
  • Experience: Minimum of 1-3 years of relevant occupational experience. Work for an international company or development organization is an advantage. ▪ Experience on the interlinkages between job creation / private sector development  and Agribusiness / Photovoltaics / Waste Management would be a clear advantage ▪ Working experience in one or more of the above-mentioned sectors in an academic,  policy advice, skill development or business capacity would be an advantage ▪ Working experience in one or more relevant fields of nonformal education and  learning; job-oriented training systems, professional development, capacity  development for entrepreneurship, youth enabling, counselling and mentoring for  youth employment  
  • Experience conducting desk and field research of a similar nature as required by the  assignment 
  • Experience in Target-group orientated communication 
  • Being acquainted with administrative procedures in government and administrative  offices is an advantage. 
  • Above average academic Arabic, and fluent English language proficiencies are  mandatory (written and spoken). Kurdish proficiencies are an advantage. 
Other knowledge, additional competences 
  • Tasks require constructive creative thinking, sometimes also conceptual initiative ▪ Microsoft Office software literacy 
  • Team player, proactive and responsible personality, innovative and flexible. ▪ Ability and willingness to travel within Iraq including to Norther Region and abroad for  limited periods. 
Requirements for application:  
  • Subject line of the application should clearly indicate the vacancy applied for.  ▪ CVs and motivations letters that are in the form of IMG, pictures, screenshots and  links will not be accepted.  
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  
  • Applications passed the expiration date of the advertisement will not be considered 

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