Procurement Specialist

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Salary Sector Sales, Marketing
Procurement Specialist Job Description
A procurement specialist is responsible for ensuring a company has the right mater ials and equipment necessary to function. The job description of a procurement specialist will involve meeting with salespersons and negotiating contracts.
Position Description:
Procurements specialists are responsible for evaluating suppliers in order to find the best deals possible on goods that are needed for business operations.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Compares prices amongst various vendors in order to make sound purchasing decisions
  • Works within a given budget to purchase goods and services for an organization
  • Ensures that products are deliver ed in a timely manner, and that the quality of the goods received is satisf actory
  • Negotiates with contractors on price, mode of shipping, and delivery time
  • Orders goods such as off ice supplies on a continuing basis in order to maintain certain inventory levels
  • Checks   invoices   for  acc uracy,     and         authorizes              the          accounts              payable   department              to            issue payment
  • Evaluates   the  performance                 of    certain vendors                 in order                 to decide whether                 or    not to                 continue buying f rom them
  • Inventories items in order to determine which ones need to be purchased
  • Enters data concerning inventor y and order amounts into a computer database
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Possesses strong negotiation skills
  • Has good verbal communications skills
  • Is timely in following up on contracts and checking on backordered items
  • Is capable of staying within a given budget
  • Has good math skills and is quickly able to calculate the cost of goods and services
  • Is trustworthy and does not abuse authority or misappropriate f unds

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