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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
The Civil Peace Service (ZFD) Program was founded in 1999 as a cooperation of nine German civil society agencies working in the field of non-violent conflict transformation with the German Federal Ministry for International Cooperation and Development as donor. GIZ is one of these agencies and the biggest. ZFD’s mission is to build peace with partners in post-conflict societies around the world. Today, ZFD programs are implemented in 22 countries. In Iraq, the program is new and still “under construction”. By end of 2019, it should comprise ten international advisors who will work with various government and civil society partners. The main topics are “dealing with the legacy of mass crimes” (politically, legally, psychosocially and educationally) and “dialogue for supporting the safe return of refugees”.
Impact oriented “Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation” (PM&E) is a key cross-cutting feature in the conceptualization and management of ZFD programs. There are special guidelines of ZFD for PM&E which are based on the method of “Reflecting on Peace Practice” (Mary Anderson) which need to be introduced to the partner organizations. In the strategic planning for the program and its components, realistic “theories of change” need to be designed together with partners in a conflict-sensitive way. Other cross-cutting issues like human rights, gender equality and participatory approaches have to be integrated. For monitoring and reporting to the donor, results from all activities have to be collected and aggregated in an efficient way. Besides sound knowledge in methods, successful PM&E for peace requires an extraordinary familiarity with the local political, social and cultural context.
For this purpose, ZFD is seeking an Iraqi national for the position of a PM&E Advisor for the next possible start of contract.
B.General Responsibilities
The incumbent will work in close cooperation with the ZFD Program Coordinator in the ZFD Program Office in Erbil. He/she has the following general responsibilities:
  • Performing all duties in the assigned area of responsibility
  • Ensuring that all tasks are carried out smoothly and in a team-oriented way
  • Liaising with partners in a service-oriented manner
  • Maintaining a friendly and empathetic attitude to team members, partners and members of the target groups
  • Communicating efficiently with offices with which regular contact is maintained
C.  Duties and tasks in Detail
The PM&E Advisor:
  • Plays a key role in the whole strategic and operational planning of the ZFD program in Iraq
  • Acquires and maintains his/her ability to serve as the PM&E expert and focal person within the ZFD team
  • Assesses the capacities of local partner organizations, in particular related to impact oriented and conflict sensitive PM&E
  • Provides advice and trainings on PM&E for partner organizations
  • Co-organizes and co-facilitates joint PM&E workshops of ZFD and partners
  • Enhances the integration of cross-cutting topics like do-no-harm, human rights, gender equality and participatory approaches in all PM&E processes
  • Contributes to the continuous context and conflict analysis of the ZFD team
  • Assists the Program Coordinator in the monitoring of the results achievement of the overall program
  • Prepares evaluations of results achievement (in a later phase of the program)
  • Contributes to the knowledge management of the ZFD team and GIZ
  • Performs other important tasks within the ZFD team according to needs and available resources (bigger tasks to be agreed upon with the supervisor as annual goals)
  • Master’s degree from an university, ideally with study and research topics relevant for peace building
  • Certified additional trainings in the fields of peace work (if possible in Do-No-Harm, Reflecting on Peace Practice, Peace and Conflict Analysis), human rights, gender equality and/or participatory approaches
Professional Experience
  • At least five years of professional experience in strategic programming and management of peace interventions and in comparable positions in various organizations
  • Proven commitment and experience in civil society based advocacy work for peace, democracy, human rights and gender equality
  • Substantial experience as a facilitator of workshops and seminars
  • A good understanding of peacebuilding and conflict prevention issues in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan Region and neighbouring Governorates)
Attitude and Soft Skills
  • Will to achieve goals and to enhance innovation in the local context
  • Integrative team player
  • Ready for continuous self-reflection and -reform
  • Solution oriented, patient and resilient
  • Interested in an intercultural working environment
  • Non-discriminatory attitude, in particular towards other ethnic and religious groups as well as people living with disabilities
  • Confidentiality and reliability
  • Willingness to learn and upskill as required by the position (capacity measures will be agreed annually with the supervisor)
  • Acceptance of frequent travels in the Kurdistan Region Iraq (KRI) and sporadic trips to neighbouring governorates (depending on need and security situation)
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the local contexts and sensitivities
Other Skills and Competences
  • Substantiated management skills
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  • Native speaker of the Kurdish or the Arabic language
  • Excellent command of English and a second official language used in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Very good working knowledge of IT technologies (related software for personal computer and smart phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)

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