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Location Sulaymānīyah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Engineering

We are looking for a planning engineer with well-organized and great attention to detail skills. Day-to-day responsibilities include drawing up work schedules and budgets, delegating tasks, analyzing project specifications, and finding cost-effective ways to meet them, liaising with contractors and suppliers, managing resources, and communicating with surveyors, managers, and other engineers. You should be able to analyze data, write reports, and deliver presentations to various stakeholders. You would be involved throughout the development stages, and be present on-site during the build to oversee procedures. It would be your responsibility to estimate a timescale for a project and to ensure that the outlined deadlines are met. You would be working with the project manager, the construction manager, and other engineers to develop suitable construction methods and sequences for a project and to ensure a project runs on schedule and that material supplies are sufficient. You would be one of the key players of the project team. Your duties are to keep the project members updated regarding the project scenarios. You should be able to plan a project to view the project constraints.
To be successful, you should demonstrate a sound knowledge of the relevant Engineering discipline and be able to anticipate problems. Outstanding candidates should have great attention to detail and be able to handle stress well.

  •  Understanding the work scope, all contract documents, project specifications and developing time schedules and budgets that meet them.
  •  Preparing the plan so there is no scope creep in the project.
  •  Deciding on the most appropriate engineering techniques and sequences of activities for each project stage.
  •  Drawing plans; using specialized design software packages.
  •  Ensuring plans meet the client’s specifications.
  •  Making estimations for timescales and costs.
  •  Supervising the project at all stages and providing solutions to problems.
  •  Collaborating with site managers, surveyors, engineers, site worker and other professionals.
  •  Organizing the transportation of materials.
  •  Ensuring procedures are carried out safely.
  •  Negotiating with vendors and contractors to secure the best prices.
  •  Observing existing processes, analyzing staff performance, and addressing deficiencies accordingly.
  •  Monitoring and tracking project progress and writing up reports.
  •  Attending and scheduling meetings as required.
  •  Delegating tasks and ensuring workers receive feedback.
  •  Understanding and meeting all contract requirements.
  •  Communicating with managers, supervisors, and the rest of the team.
  •  Analyzing technical drawings and providing material and cost estimates.
  •  Ensuring all projects are completed on time and within budgets.
  •  Tracking of the project and prepare required reports: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports.
  •  Reviewing and preparing Meeting Minutes.
  •  Handling the suppliers and the project management team if anything seems out of track.
  •  Risk Register Maintenance: you would be solely responsible for getting updates & keeping the Risk Register. Also, you should continuously update the PM with any corrective action.
  •  Event Recording: Maintain the event records to prepare Extension of Time – EOT later.
  •  Letter Writings: Continuously look for any event & float the letters to the Client or the supplier who is applicable but always in consent to the project manager.
  •  Change Order Request: you are responsible of finding any feasible change in scope that needs to evaluate the resources, time, etc. & raises it to the concern.


  •  Project Analysis: Prepare presentable related S Curves and charts like for Earned Value Analysis, can analyze SPI-Schedule Performance Index, CPI-Cost performance Indicators, Cost Variance, Schedule Variance, Progress Measurement System, and so on as per requirements.
  •  Invoice Review: Review the invoices according to contractual project requirements.
  •  Lesson Learned Report: Responsible for preparing & maintaining lessons learned throughout the whole project.
  •  Travel is necessary to visit sites and staying on the project for a designated duration.
  • Working hours are typically standard office hours, but strict deadlines mean longer hours, weekends and being on-call are all possible and expected.

Skills and Requirements

  •  Degree in Engineering – preferably Mechanical or Civil.
  •  Understanding and knowing the drawings.
  •  Experience with 3D modeling software.
  •  Proficiency in MS Office.
  •  Planning and project management skills.
  •  Strong multitasking abilities.
  •  A valid driver's license.
  •  Strong analytical, critical, and logical thinking skills.
  •  A sound understanding of safety protocols.
  •  Ability to focus under pressure and meet deadlines.
  •  5-8+ years’ relevant experience preferably in camp construction projects.
  •  Fully conversant with planning software Primavera and MS Project must be a superuser.
  •  Fully conversant with MS Office package specifically in MS Excels. Advanced Microsoft Excel for data visualization if required & Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations.
  •  Able to prepare and update quality schedules Level 3-4 with resources in Primavera and MS Project.
  •  Able to prepare weekly look ahead and recovery schedule as required.
  •  Able to prepare workforce histogram with crafts required for the full span of work.
  •  Able to prepare progress measurement and reporting templates and implement the same for the reporting
  •  Ability to extract “S” Curve planned and updated from schedules as required.
  •  Ability to work efficiently on multiple work packs.
  •  A certification like PMP – Project Management Professional, PSP-Project Management Professional, PMI-SP, or master’s in project management will be an extra advantage.
  •  Fluent in English.

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