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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Medical & Nursing
HOURS OF WORK: 48 hours per week with one hour lunch break per day
Salary: Dependent on experience
Annual Leave: 21 days per annum plus Holidays
(Flexibility with working schedule during busy times is expected)
Contract: 3 months probationary period, Opportunity to join pension scheme
JOB SUMMARY: To provide effective and efficient physiotherapy treatment to meet the needs
Key Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Clinical Duties
  • To be professional, legally responsible and accountable for all aspects of your own work including the management of patients in your care.
  • To ensure a high standard of clinical care to inpatients and normal patients under your management.
  • To undertake comprehensive assessments of patients and to formulate effective, clinically reasoned treatment plans.
  • To carry out timely assessment and treatment of a mixed caseload of inpatients and to facilitate safe discharge home from the hospital.
  • To be competent in using a wide variety of assessment techniques and skills
  • To assess patients’ needs for any rehabilitative equipment and aids to improve safety and functioning within the home.
  • To train patients, carers, family members and other agencies on the use of any equipment issued.
  • To demonstrate highly developed therapeutic handling skills requiring dexterity, coordination and palpation skills for accurate assessment, treatment and handling of patients.
  • To be accountable to the Deputy CMO and communicate regularly through informal teaching and supervision sessions.
  • To accept clinical responsibility for a designated caseload of patients and to organize this effectively and efficiently with regard to clinical priorities and service requirement,
  • To maintain and demonstrate your own clinical professional development by keeping up to date with new treatment trends and research, incorporating them into your work as necessary.
  • To ensure best practice at all times by outcome evaluation, attendance at post graduate courses and reading current literature.
2.  Departmental / Organizational Duties
  • To ensure high standards of cleanliness and presentation are maintained at all times.
  • To be responsible for the safe use of equipment used within the physiotherapy department, notifying the Procurement Manager of any equipment in need of repair or maintenance, and employing effective use of reporting systems already in place.
  • To comply fully with all departmental and organizational policies and procedures.
  • To be flexible and open to taking on duties with regard to both hospital and departmental administration.
  • To be flexible and open to undertaking any other duties that might be considered appropriate by the Deputy CMO, especially during busy periods.
  • To actively participate in Corporate Induction and to be responsible for ensuring participation in ongoing mandatory training.
3.  Managerial Duties
  • To work with the Medical team to provide an efficient and effective service and to be involved in the proposal/development and implementation of departmental policies.
  • To participate in the managerial matters of the department including attendance at departmental and hospital meetings.
  • To be responsible, in a flexible and adaptable way for the operational management of the clinical team.
  • To be responsible for a specific management task or an identified project agreed with the Physiotherapist Team Leader (Deputy CMO).
  • To be an active member of the department’s in-service training program.
  • To attend departmental staff meetings regularly and any other meeting agreed with Deputy CMO.
  • To participate in the departmental appraisal system.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of Clinical Governance and Risk Management and apply it to the work environment.
  • To comply with departmental operational policies and ensure that patient treatment notes are kept to a quality in line with recommendations of Ministry of healthy.
  • To take an active role in service development in line with departmental strategy and business plan and to take an active role in the development of treatment protocols.
  • To comply with physiotherapy charging policies and billing.
4.  Communication
  • To demonstrate the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information to patients, carers and other staff including imparting unwelcome news.
  • To demonstrate the mental ability to remain concentrated and focused throughout a working day and respond to a variety of patient emotional needs.
  • To be able to manage potentially stressful, upsetting or emotional situations in an empathetic manner.
  • To represent the Physiotherapy service and/or individual patients at the multidisciplinary team meeting and senior staff nursing meetings.
  • To liaise with relevant medical staff, nursing staff and other health care professionals who may be in direct contact with the post holder with regard to patient care.
  • To communicate effectively with patients and carers, in order to maximise rehabilitation potential and provide safe and efficient discharge plans.
  • To respond to enquiries, calls (internal and external) in a timely manner.
    • To use the hospital reporting systems for requesting and managing annual leave, sickness, and any other absence.
5.  Health and Safety
  • To comply with the Health and Safety Policies of the hospital at all times to ensure the wellbeing of the post-holder, patients, visitors and other staff.
  • To be aware of Health and Safety issues within the hospital and department, ensuring prompt reporting and recording of any accidents.
8.  General
  • To comply with the Organization’s Equal Opportunities Policy and treat staff, patients, colleagues and potential employees with dignity and respect at all times.
  • To comply with policies for personal and patient safety and infection control; this includes a requirement for rigorous and consistent compliance with hand hygiene and use of personal protective equipment.

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