Payroll Admin Specialist

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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Accountancy, Administration, Retail


1-Located in Erbil

2-Univercity Graduated

3-Minimum 2 years of experience in administrative jobs and payroll

Key Responsibilities

To follow up all the personnel files in  the countries under his responsibility according to the legal legislation and make sure that the documents required to be included in the personnel files are complete:

1. Prepares personnel files of the employeesi in the country, provides the missing documents in the file by talking to the relevant employees. 

2. Meets the relevant employees and completes the deficiencies for the documents required to be added to the personnel file in case of legislative changes.  

3. Adds the signatures of the employees in the country on the annual leaves, travel orders and written permission documents completely 

4. Prepares the required legal documents regarding the legislaton or job leave processes according to the request of the relevant departments, receives the necessary signatures and adds them in the personnel files 

5. Completes the missing documentsin the personnel files within the framework of the audits made by the official authorities or audit teams in the countries.  


To make system entries of the employees in the countries under his responsibility and to keep these records in full and up-to-date

1.Checks whether all the employees who are included in the extract payment list are recorded in Hamronyde. 

2. Checks whether the annual leave records of all employees are correct. 

3. Checks  the accuracy of bank account information of all employees. 


To check the new employees and employees who left their jobs on a monthly basis, to define and ensure the accuracy of the information of all employees on harmony program, to archive them, to make Social security notices of the countries, to keep the backups of monthly extracts in excel format

1. Records the new employees in harmony, determines the deficiencies, completes them and makes sure that they are up-to-date. 

2. Executes the exit operations of the employees who leave the company, completes the deficiencies and makes sure that they are up-to-date. 

3. Makes sure that the information of the employees in Harmonyde are up-to-date and complete, determines the deficiencies and completes them. 


To manage the operational process of expatriates, to obtain work and residence permits for them, to follow up expatriate processes and check the legal compliance of these processes 

1. Manages the process of  receiving work and residence permits of the foreign employees who work in the country under his responsibility. 

2. Makes sure that of the side rights of foreign employees are used in line with the company rules. 

3. Manages the legal processes of the foreign employees whose extending period is due or who left company. 

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