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Posted 7 months ago by Miniso
Location Sulaymānīyah Job Type Contract
Salary Sector Operations , Retail

Brief introduction of MINISO
MINISO was founded by Japanese designer and Chinese entrepreneur in 2013 and has opened more than 3500 stores in 70 countries, and sales of MINISO in 2017 is about USD 1.8 billion. In MINISO Iraq, currently we have 14 stores.
  • This job requires to visit our 14 stores in whole Iraq frequently, so male candidate is better.
  • To save each other’s time, before you send CV to us, please have a knowledge of MINISO and then decide if you want to work in this industry and this company.
  • This is a very challenging job, so If you just want an easy job, don’t send your CV.
  • English, Arabic and Sorani Kurdish is required.
  • Sulaymaniyah locals.
Job responsibilities:
KPI (Key performance indicator) management
  1. Data analysis.
  • Analyze the sales data of every store, find problems and solve problems.
  • Analyze the inventory, products etc.
  • Analyze and compare sales data of similar stores to find possibilities of increasing sales. 
       2. Control and maintain the completion of KPI
  • Find ways to increase sales of stores
  • Set monthly target, follow it and try to reach it.
  • Visit stores regularly to check the standard, staff, products and sales, find problems and solve problems.
Product management.
  • Adjustment of display map.
  • Check the suitability between products in the stores and sales condition and communicate with product manager and planner to make the product structure and inventory structure more reasonable.
  • Adjust display according to sales condition.
  • Find slow-movers and make promotion to clear them up, in this way to take full advantage of cash flow and make full use of limited space in the store.
  • Visit the store regularly to maintain the operation standard of stores.
  • Visit the store regularly to supervise the execution of notifications.
Communication and coordination.
  • Communication between different departments in headquarter.
  • Communication between headquarter and stores.
People management.
  • Arrange the promotion process every three month.
  • Training of store staff and managers.
  • Give promotion to those who are good and eliminate those who are bad.

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Miniso was founded in 2011 by Japanese designer Junya Miyake, a graduate of the Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guo Fu. Initially claiming to be a famous Japan...

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Sector Specialisms: Retail
Office Location: Baghdad, Iraq