Medical Paramedic

Posted 8 months ago by Central Employment Section Basra
Location Basrah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Medical & Nursing
Tier 1 Medic " A TIER 1 Medic is an Iraqi Trained Nurse or equivalent with the relevant Emergency Room Experience and the Knowledge of Emergency Procedures such as IV Cannulation and Vital Sign Monitoring. The candidate is also expected to have an advanced knowledge of wound identification and knowledge management of various acute medical and trauma conditions that is not part of a DFA Syllabus. He need to include all the certificates which are approved that in his CV. 
Terms of submission :-
  • To be a dwellers basra exclusively.
  • Attached to the four grounds or National Card + Voter Card (if found) with resistances (attachments are separated from resistances and same email).
  •  The language of resistances in English and Arabic and in one file only and Ulta (PDF).
  • The name of the attached file (CV) is the name of the triple person and English                 language.
  • Mention the name of the job in the address of the email / field of the subject (write titled E-mail exclusively and not within it or within the to size resistances one mika.
  • 8-duration of submission three days from the date of 19-6-2019
  • The E-mail is excluded if the above conditions are not taken into account 

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