Logistic Officer

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Location Duhok Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Logistics, Services
Logistic is essential function in the scope of organizational structure of GIZ with collected and defined tasks to support the GIZ programs and projects. The logistic officer is reporting to his/her line manager and head of program, ensuring to perform and accomplish the logistical objectives in line with GIZ orientation and rules, procurement/logistic policies and country specific policy imposed by the country office in the country of assignment. Thus the responsibilities of logistic officer is defined hereunder:
  • Responsibilities
The employee is responsible for:
  1. Ensuring the smooth procurement processes of GIZ CfW in Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  2. Ensuring the fleet management of GIZ CfW in Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  3. Ensuring the quality of works in line with GIZ rules and regulation.
  4. Organizing, preparing and maintaining the documentation. Similar for hard copy E-File files and soft copy files. (DMS)
  5. Ensuring the knowledge transfer in the field of procurement and logistics management for GIZ CfW staff members in KRI in order to increase the awareness and capacity of staff members on procurement and purchasing.
  6. Developing SOPs in the scope of procurement / logistics and introducing the procedures to the staff members of GIZ CfW.
  • Tasks in detail – I (procurement)
The employee is responsible for:
  1. Ensuring his/her involvement in all sorts of procurements of GIZ CfW in Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaimaniah offices.
  2. Ensuring that PRs are properly prepared and signed before the procurement of goods take place.
  3. For procurements above EUR 1.000 up to EUR 2.500 the responsible officer ensures that quotations are obtained and opened in the presence of committee. It is also mandatory to fulfil all standard formats such as bid evaluation form, technical specification and selection forms before procurement takes place.
  4. Ensuring that winner supplier is screened in the EU manual blacklist check in order to avoid dealing with sanctioned dealers.
  5. For procurements above EUR 2.500, drawing up of all necessary documents for the pre-tender phase and submit them to the respective procurement unit of GIZ Country office. These include collection of technical specifications from the requester unit, PR
  1. approval of AV and follow up until the final delivery of goods in the designated location/ project sites.
  2. Ensuring to provide a full copy of the invoice of goods that are applicable for inventory to the responsible officer for inventory on timely manner.
  3. Ensuring that invoices are translated in details, validation stamp is signed and handed over to the responsible finance officer for payment.
  4. Ensuring that a standard database is maintained for the registration of our existing suppliers and also for future suppliers in Dohuk, Suli and Erbil. This database should demonstrate the volume of procurement from individual suppliers.
  5. Monitoring the flow of procurement in CfW main office Dohuk, and sub offices Erbil and Suli. This also includes business trips to Erbil, Suli and other location where CfW is operating.
  • Tasks in detail – II (Fleet Management)
The employee is responsible for:
  1. Monitoring the fleet management of GIZ CfW. This includes the provision of cars to different units and staff members travels in short and in long distances.
  2. Ensuring that all vehicles are maintained and fully functional at all time.
  3. Ensuring that drivers and cars are not used for private purposes.
  4. Complying with policy and security measures of RMO on account for every individual trip.
  5. Ensuring that SU central fleet management is administering all the vehicles logbooks and fuel consumption records regularly.
  6. Ensuring that all CfW vehicles are insured at all time.
  7. Ensuring that all CfW vehicles are maintained regularly and according to the need.
  8. Giving the right orientations to the drivers and regularly updates the drivers from changes take place on ward.
  • General Tasks
The employee is responsible for:
  1. Reporting to the unit management / head of program on base to be agreed.
  2. Strictly obeying the GIZ code of conduct, O+R and country wide policies.
  3. Ensuring to work closely with staff members of CfW in overall KRI in the form of strong and professional team working environment.
  4. Keeping the unit manager/head of program informed on any problematic and urgent issue that is not in line with GIZ rules and policy and asks for advice.
  5. Contributing to team building measures within the Unit and the whole GIZ CfW and being a model of professional work execution and behaviour
  6. Sharing of knowledge and experience within the Unit and the GIZ CfW. This applies mainly to the expertise in the field of procurement and logistics management.
  • Other duties/addition
The employee responsible for:
  1. Any other unit related task as maybe assigned by the Head of Unit or the head of program of GIZ CfW.
B.Required qualifications, competences and experience
  • BBA preferable in management or similar qualification
Professional experience
  • Up to 2 years’ experience in GIZ and min. 3 years with non GIZ (governmental or private sector)
Other knowledge, additional competences
  • Preferable trainings on defensive driving (armoured cars / further education on security, Procurement of Goods etc.

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