Local Child Protection - Consultant

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Location Nineveh Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector NGO
Key Objectives or tasks:
1.1 Build capacity of stakeholder and faith leaders on Positive parenting program. Child Protection Safeguarding. PSS, based on the recommended curriculum to the community faith leaders and stakeholders. And World vision staff. 
  • Create training materials and plan based on this ToR
  • Deliver capacity building to community stakeholders and faith leaders 
  • Create pre and post-assessment questionnaire to assess the achievement of participants
  • Ensure close 
1.2 Engage with faith leaders and community stakeholders, parents and caregivers, and children to identify protection issues and ways to address them.
  • Implement activities with project quality benchmark 
  • Facilitate regular meetings to ensure all children's issues have been identified and acted on.
  • Support faith leaders and community stakeholders in the development of an action plan and follow up of implementation of the action plan
  • Faith leaders take a crucial part in awareness-raising related to child protection and children’s right.
  • Providing fathers, mothers, and caregivers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to parent positively without using violence 
  • Empowering children, and working to ensure they can feel valued, respected and safe within their family and community
  • Supporting communities so that they are willing and able to protect all children, girls and boys, from violence.
  • Strengthening equitable and gender-sensitive child protection systems
  • Engage with faith leaders to identity children’s protection issues and support them to develop necessity community sensitization 
  • Community Sustainable action plan is developed and ensure its relevancy and applicability in the local context. 

Expected Results
  • Participants have received necessary knowledge on positive Parenting, Child Protection and Psychosocial support 
  • Faith leaders have crucial part in identifying children vulnerability and issues through regular meeting with community stakeholders. Parents and care givers and children 
  • Community action plan through participatory approach is developed to address child protection issues in the community.
Scope of Work
  • Consultant task is expected to achieve the following activities:
  • Coordination with project staff of to understand the status and interest of trainees.
  • Prepare training materials (both in English and Arabic is preferable)
  • Provision of days training using blended training methods that will engage and help adult learners practice on child protection, psychosocial support, PDEP  
  • Trainer should share plan, methodology, list of training materials and pre and post assessment questionnaire 3 days before the training schedule, to incorporate feedback time.
  • Provide clear overview of the program guidance and implementation using positive parenting implementation manual. 
  •  Build capacity of trainees on Positive parenting program, child protection, psychosocial support Monitoring and evaluation tools (Pre-post-test, smiley faces evaluation tool, Pre-Post-Test Evaluation database) 
  • Prepare detailed report on the trainings and submit it to the project coordinator and TA. 
  • Facilitate workshops with faith leaders and community stakeholders to identify child protection in their respective community. 
  • Ensure Development community action plan to address child protection issues in their community and identify paths to project sustainability. 
WV will provide the following 
  • WV will Provide necessary technical support for implementation of the activities 
  • All logistical requirements for project implementation.
  • Facilitate coordination and community engagement
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
The consultants/trainer must have:
  • Job holder should have past experience in current or similar role
  • Child protection and Positive parenting program implementation field experience 
  • Must have trainings facilitation experience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Documentation skills (plan, manual and report preparation) 
  • Job holder should have at least 4 years’ experience in child protection and community engagement 
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic language 

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