Store Commercial Responsible

Posted 11 months ago by LC Waikiki
Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Marketing, Retail
Position Placement: Erbil
English language level: intermediate and above only (Read,Write,Spoken).

The position available for FEMALES only during this phase.

  1. She performs customer segmentation for his/her store, observes and groups shoppers according to their clothing styles based on the 'persona' definitons aligned with HQ product teams and determines the rate and potential of these determined 'personas' in his/her store.
  2. She observes, investigates and finds out the customer expectations, needs, preferences, style, shopping motivations of shoppers, understands the insight of different 'personas' in his/her store and provides this information to product teams at HQ to influence the collection design, plan and allocation processes.
  3. Determines the ideal product mix of his/her store that fits perfectly  to the periodical and occasional requirements of the  determined 'persona' types specific to the climate and the local culture of the region; and transfers this information to the HQ Product teams to be used in budgeting and collection planning processes on a cluster basis.
  4. Follows up the current trends for each 'persona' with regards of the phases of 'Boston Matrix' to forecast the sales potential; besides forwards this information to HQ Product teams.
  5. Investigates the product demand of customers in terms of 'basic', 'commercial' and 'trendy' classification via  researches through competitors, fashion web sites, boutiques, social media and no name stores/street  and forwards this information to the product teams to request suitable products for his/her store.
  6. Explores, analyzes, determines and demands the ideal product mix that should be in his/her store.
  7. Identifies the difference between the ideal product mix and the already existing poruduct mix in his/her store; cooperate with store merchandising team for returns of  the inadequate items and demands the missing items and stock replenishment.
  8. Evaluates and give points (RANKS) to the future collections in terms of suitability of his/her store's shopper needs,  expectations/preferences; eliminates the inadequate products and  demands the products that will satisfy differentiated requests of the shopppers specific to his/her region which does not exist  in the global collection. 
  9. Analyze sales rankings to promote the correct merchandise and implements visual merchandising activities to increase the sales potential to achieve maximum sales . 

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