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Protection and Reintegration Center (PARC) is a joint project funded by the UNHCR and implemented    by QANDIL. The objective of PARC is to fulfill the rights of Refugees, asylum seekers, and Iraq’s internally displaced persons (Refugees). Through PARC, QANDIL currently employs more than 120 full‐time staff providing various types of services, including legal  services.


PARC’s Refugee Component provides Refugees assistance with Registration, Legal Aid, Community Services, and Protection, all in a one‐stop‐shop. In close cooperation with the KRG Directorate of Residency, QANDIL also helps Refugees obtain their residency permits to be able to live and work in Kurdistan Region. While most of the Refugees are Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian of Kurdish origin, a smaller number of them are Palestinian, Pakistani, or of other nationalities. QANDIL’s Registration Clerks are not only based at PARC inside Erbil City; there are also Registration Clerks stationed daily in four Syrian Refugee Camps: Basirma, Darashakran, Kawergosk, and   Qushtapa.


PARC’s IDP Component provides Legal Aid, Community Services, and Protection assistance to Refugees. Most of these Refugees are originally from the Iraqi governorates of Al‐Anbar, Mosul (including Shingal), and others parts of Iraq. They are of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds, including Yezidi Kurds, Shabaks, Arabs, Christians, and  more.


In order to offer legal, protection, and community service assistance to the maximum number of Refugees and Refugees, QANDIL has formed PARC Mobile Teams. These Mobile Teams consist of Lawyers, Protection Assistants, and Community Service Assistants (CSA) who conduct daily field visits throughout Erbil Governorate where Refugees and Refugees live, incl. those in camps and outside of camps, such as in churches, schools, unfinished buildings, and incomplete construction   sites.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist persons of concerns to access and enjoy the respect of their rights in light of international standards and according to relevant bodies of  law.

  • Willingness to work primarily in the field as part of a mobile protection monitoring team, traveling to various locations within Erbil governorate on a daily  basis.

  • Provide accurate and neutral legal counseling to Refugees on a range of legal issues and concerns, particularly related to missing  documentation.

  • Advocate with local authorities to ensure that the rights of Refugees are upheld and   protected.

  • Enhance knowledge of relevant protection issues; particularly related to changes in Residency   and Asayish policy affecting Refugees.

  • Follow up on detention cases where required, and advocate for the basic rights of Refugees to be respected.

  • Represent Refugees in cases related to Sexual and Gender‐Based Violence, including domestic violence.

  • Promote knowledge and awareness of Refugees’ legal rights; including registration procedures, birth documentation and access to  justice.

  • Collect data on each legal case  assisted.

  • Contribute to the weekly reports of the mobile protection monitoring  team.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by  supervisors.


Necessary  Attributes/Qualifications

  • Language skills; must have exemplary Arabic, Kurdish, and  English.

  • Willingness to work in all areas of the Erbil Governorate; travel long distances and work in adverse weather conditions.

  • Willingness to work primarily ‘in‐field’.

  • Must work well within ethnically diverse teams, and work cooperatively within   teams.

  • Legal qualification and ability to practice law within the Erbil  Governorate.

  • Member of the KRI Lawyer’s Bar  Association.


Desirable Qualifications

  • At least two years’ work experience with Non‐Governmental Organizations, or other relevant experience is desirable.

  • At least three years of practical experience working as a  lawyer.


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