Junior Data Officer

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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector IT, Service
The Junior Data Monitoring Officer (JDM) is a part of the data management team for GIZ programmes related to Ninawa and Mosul and have responsibilities related to all aspects of data management of programmes.
  • Assist the IT/Data Manager with daily issues related to data management and monitoring services for GIZ programmes,
  • Assist the IT/Data Manager with relevant technical support on systems, data bases, data repositories etc.,
  • Ensure, that coordination is effective and efficient, in particular with regards to the data base/IT systems for all operations,
  • Assist the IT/Data Manager with daily maintenance of all parts on the systems,
  • Assist the IT/Data Manager, Finance section and M/E section with setting up monitoring systems with relevant indicators, attendance systems, spot check and payroll systems – for all partners (NGOs, Directorates, Contractors),
  • Ensure that partners use the system, and eventually train them in the use of the systems,
  • Ensure that data obtained for M/E for payroll’s are in line with GIZ policies and procedures,
  • Assist the M/E unit in Erbil in setting standards and indicators for measuring programme impact,
  • Assist Directorates and/or NGOs with startup of beneficiary payrolls, data management and monitoring, often in multiple locations in a short period of time,
  • Field work in regards to above is expected in several instances, and the JDO must at all times be willing to work in the field, upon request from Supervisor,
  • Must at all times follow strictly GIZ rules and regulations for Monitoring and evaluation, data protection and data entry,
Management, Coordination and Communication:
  • The JDO reports to the IT/Data manager for any disciplinary issues,
  • The JDO is expected from time to time to participate in overall coordination of the operations, upon request from the IT/Data Manager, such as in Clusters, working groups etc., deemed necessary by the Supervisor,
Other duties and tasks
  • It is important that the JDO has the right attitude to trouble-shooting and task solving relying on a small team of colleagues.
Required qualifications, competences and experience
  • Qualification in Data Engineering data management or similar, (minimum BSc) or preferred MSc,
  • At least 1-2 years professional experience in a comparable position, from NGO or International organization,
  • Outstanding knowledge on designing and programming data bases, IT systems and other software related issues,
  • Excellent at analysis of data, both quantitative and qualitative, particularly with a focus to field oriented work (beneficiaries, humanitarian work, surveying etc.),
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and well-ordered and follow compliance in GIZ Data management, data protection etc.,
  • Willingness to up skill him/her self as per requirements to perform above tasks and in line with GIZ special regulations pertaining to GIZ programming,
  • Must have excellent English Skills (GIZ Internal Language) and Arabic/Kurdish,
  • Ideally with additional skills in German language,
  • Well organized in all aspects of work life,
  • Must show stamina, matureness and willingness to take upon him/herself tasks as per requests,
  • Must be willing to travel to Mosul/Ninawa upon Supervisors request.

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