Junior Admin Officer

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Location Duhok Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Administration, NGO
Title: Junior Administration Officer
A. Responsibilities
- Administer and monitor the Project administration system in order to ensure that all is maintained, processes and works are done in an accurate and timely manner. - Act as contact person for contacts from Germany in programs Returnee activities
Main Activities are:
• Oversees and administers the day-to-day activities of the office; develops policies, procedures, and systems which ensure productive and efficient office operation.
• Provides assistance and support to the Head of Project / Head of Project Administration and Finance in problem solving, project planning and management, and development and execution of stated goals and objectives.
• Implement agreed administrative policies and procedures
• Assist and support the Head of Project in all kind of staff activities in a sensitive and confidential manor.
• Assists in the coordination, supervision, and completion of special projects, as appropriate.
• Acting as focal point for all kind of international personnel and visitor / consultant travels, accommodation and visa tasks for the project and makes sure, that all is done accurate and in time while related SoP`s are fully recognized.
• Acting as focal point for all kind of German communication, verbal and in writing, in the framework coming up with in the newly Returnee Program activities and the HQ in General if requested.
The admin professional performs the following tasks:
B. Tasks
1. Admin services
The Junior Administration Officer fulfils tasks as follows:
• Daily operational performance of all administrative tasks for the project.
• Manages incoming and outgoing correspondence (Mail, email, all kind of messages) and prioritises and organizes it.
• Translating German correspondence into English and vice versa
• Organize office operations and procedures in close cooperation with the AV and Head of Finance and Administration
• Organizes and coordinates the Head of Project`s schedule
• Reminds, updates and notifies the Head of Project of daily appointments
• Prepares and organizes information materials for the Head of Project and/or meetings
• Answers, reviews, forwards and/or takes calls
• Replies and looks after correspondence (regular if specified and on demand)
• Translation of letters and documents as required.
• Managing / organizing appointments with all kind of contacts and visitors
• Provide and organize general support to office visitors
• Organizing meetings, team meetings and others in general, and events together with the relevant component staff and / or the AV
• Organizing catering and security services if necessary or demanded.
• Participating in meetings (intern/extern/) as translator or minutes taker including preparation of the agenda and needed documents
• Organizing and maintaining the daily activity calendar
• Makes sure, that all kind of project contacts registered and maintained in an contact list available for the whole project team
• Liaise with facility management in organizing maintenance and repairs of the office condition if necessary
• Liaise with facility management with regard to cleaning activities organized by the landlord.
• Organize all office and event procurements (stationaries, hardware)in close cooperation with the AV and the finance section
• Organizing the Fleet Management (Education Drivers and Cars) together with the dispatcher
• Maintain the inventory list for the project in close cooperation with the finance section in accordance to the valid rules and regulations.
2. Internal control The Junior Administration Officer makes
▪ Pre-checks the vouchers and receipts submitted by supplier, driver, worker or other persons related to office orders or services in the obligation of the office management for completeness and allocation to cost units and categories, and corrects these where necessary.
3. Other duties/additional tasks The Junior Administration Officer is responsible for
• Organizing inland travel including bookings of hotel accommodation for national / international personnel as well as for consultants if required.
• Providing travellers with all the necessary information for their inbound travel
• Preparation of travel requests (if requested only)
• Coordinates availability of equipment (phone, fastlink etc.). required by visitors and makes sure that the equipment is handed over and given back in a timely manor.
• Deals with annual and other leave requests for national and international personnel and is maintaining the relevant presence / absence list of the project
• Management of guest flat including accommodation planning and coordination of maintenance or other related activities related to.
C. Required qualifications, competences and experience
• University Degree in Business Administration, or related field OR university degree in another field combined with.
Professional experience
• Experience of processing financial information.
• Two (2) years of experience in the class of office administration.
• Is proficient in relevant IT packages including Microsoft Office.
Other knowledge, additional competences
▪ Ability to facilitate work of team members
▪ Fluent in German language, speaking and writing, very good knowledge in English and regional language widely used in the country.
▪ willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management
▪ Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
▪ Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.

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