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Posted about 1 year ago by Dahlia Organization
Location Sulaymānīyah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector NGO
Volunteer and Internship program
Dahlia organization for education and research a non-profitable organization located in sulaimani, Iraq requests applications from candidates for an internship program for their opinion poll survey in sulaimani, Applicants must be living in sulaimani.
The volunteers will survey as an intern for a term of 20 days the intern will be a member of a team responsible for conducting a series of surveys in Sulaimani about the upcoming election. The team will be responsible for conducting analyzing and presenting the survey. Project activities may include but are not limited to the following areas.
  • Conducting research similar to the polls done in western countries
  • Preparing questionnaires, plans and targets for the survey
  • Designing and preparing plans for the survey
  • Conducting face to face interviews in in various places in sulaimani
  • Collecting and maintaining data in the forms of hard and soft copies
  • Data entry and analysis for the surveys done by the team


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