Field Monitor

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Location Sulaymānīyah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
The Field Monitor is responsible for the following aspects:
  • Ensure that field work (Cash for work programming) takes place according to GIZ regulations,
  • Monitoring on a daily basis all projects for cash for work, including random field visits, spot checks etc.,
  • Is capable of setting up, and ensure adequate reporting mechanisms together with the M/E Officer, the Head of Sub office and the JCC Liaison office, Directorates and other stakeholders,
  • Is capable of designing – and conducting focus group discussions, surveys (according to statistical methodologies, quantitative and or qualitative),
  • Has good knowledge of using data bases,
  • Is capable of assisting and faciliating in trainings of governmental staff.
B.1 ) Ensure that an adequate routine is setup for monitoring on-going field work by conducting on spot checks of beneficiary selction, work load etc., and report these findings to the M/E officer on a determined basis/frequency,
B.2 ) Will assist the M/E officer or any other designee appointed by the Head of Sub-office, in ensuring that governmental institutions are adequately monitored in utilizing agreed upon selection criteria, and that working conditions for beneficiaries are adequately setup, including work for vulnerable groups, women, men, youth etc.
B.3 ) Will assist the M/E officer in planning – and executing surveys, Focus group discussions and other monitoring and evaluating mechanisms, according to agreed upon standards,
B.4) Will assist the M/E officer in maintaining data bases for the Cash work work programme,
B.5 ) Is capable of facilitation and designing of trainings for governmental partners, NGO partners and other stakeholders directly involved in the programme.
B.6) Is capable to check the vouchers and accountancy documents from the LSC recipients and partners to ensure compliance and relevancy.
B. 7) Any other ad-hoc duties deemed necessary by the Head of Sub office or the M/E manager.
  • Knowledge management
The Field Monitor is bound by the rules and regulations pertaining knowledge management setup by GIZ, and will at any given time ensure adequate protection of beneficiaries and their households, other parties and stakeholders involved in the programme.
  • Other duties/additional tasks
The Field Monitor will from time to time be involved in conducting other tasks deemed necessary by the Head of Sub office, including assisting on planning for delegations, press material, reporting to GIZ Head of Office Dohuk, site visits etc.
C.Required qualifications, competences and experience
  • Bachelor degree in social/political/economic/engineering or IT related sciences from a recognized university,
  • Minimum 2 years experience working in the Humanitarian/and/or development sector, preferably with an international NGO, UN or bilateral institution in the field of refugees/IDPs,
  • Must be Kurdish/Arab speaker,
  • Fluent in English speaking and writing, German knowledge considered an asset,
Other knowledge, additional competences:
  • Shows stamina, discipline and punctuality in all aspects of the work,
  • Is showing a high degree of resilience and patience,
  • Must be familiar with Suleymaniyah Governorate, its institutions and mandates,
  • Has an appropriate appearance,
  • Have the willingness to work over-time, and is willing to upskill own learning/knowledge as per required tasks.
  • Excellent team player with an eye for detail and strong at social work.

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