Field and Procurement Engineer

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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Services
The engineer with GIZ Ninawa/Mosul is the National Engineering Officer reporting to the Engineer (International) supporting GIZ with:
  • Implementing daily technical/operational aspects of all issued related to the project– incl. coordination, technical engineering supervision, research and compliance with GIZ construction regulations/rules, Iraqi building rules and regulations etc.,
  • Procurement of materials, such as building materials, materials used for Cash for Work (CfW), livelihoods etc., according to GIZ rules and regulations,
  • Ensuring that all technical aspects are processed according to standards set by GIZ chief engineer/GIZ rules and regulations, and is followed through,
  • The Engineer must at all times maintain a good workflow and communication with his superior. He must further ensure that relevant stakeholders are adequately informed timely and correctly, and in accordance with set up goals and activities,
  • At all times ensuring that all projects runs smoothly and within the time frame of project implementation,
  • Adhere to any task the Supervisor may deem necessary.
Management and field coordination:
  • The engineer coordinates and assists in preparing and conducting all activities related to the project design and implementation, ensuring that the project meets standards, time frames and budgets,
  • Is responsible for approving and controlling expenditure related to the project implementation, in accordance with GIZ compliance and standards,
  • Must be willing to travel to field locations, where GIZ implement (up to 80% of time),
  • Assist the Supervisor and other international – and national colleagues – on issues related to technical aspects of any programming in projects,
  • Helps identify needs and requirements amongst stakeholders, incl. NGOs and Governmental entities, contractors or similar, in order to conduct adequate assessments and control of projects according to GIZ rules and regulations,
  • Coordinates closely with the Supervisor, the Chief of the section and other GIZ engineers, during design and implementation phases, to adhere to GIZ regulations,
  • Must, in collaboration and coordination, with other GIZ sections and external stakeholders, prepare, implement and document training events, work shops, forums, retreats, team meetings and similar, with a technical perspective,
  • Monitor, supervise and advise on needed procurement for construction/implementation related tasks and projects, which is substantial in the programme,
  • Participate in cluster meetings (UN/NGO humanitarian country team) related to programming (Shelter, WASH, CfW working group etc.) when the need arise,
  • Ensure all workers and sites are monitored to the safety standards of GIZ.
Communication and networking
  • Develops and maintains excellent relations with relevant GIZ partners and stakeholders,
  • Provides needed technical knowledge in pursuing programme implementation, also to third parties to GIZ, such as direct and indirect stakeholders,
  • Must ensure a proper knowledge management system is used to record best practices and lessons learned, including the GIZ DMS system and other local documenting repositories,
  • Participates in workshops, meetings, seminars pertaining to technical aspects of the GIZ operation/implementation,
Other duties/tasks
  • Involves him/herself at tasks requested by the management and/or the technical Supervisor,
  • Coordinates closely with relevant authorities and the humanitarian country team in informing GIZ’s work and implementation for beneficiaries,
  • Assist the office with aspects related to technical implementation upon request and follows through any issue that may arise timely and effectively.
Required qualifications, competences and experience
  • Minimum a University degree in Engineering (Civil, construction) with at least 3 years professional experience in a similar position,
  • Strong knowledge on IT technologies used in construction and monitoring work, including data bases, MS office, CAD and GIS,
  • Willingness to be additionally trained (on the job),
  • Must be available for travel internally and externally in Iraq, and internationally,
  • Must command good excellent knowledge of English (GIZ concern language), Arabic and Kurdish,
  • Willing to learn German,
  • Must be willing to upscale his/her skills as per the request of the organization.

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