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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Construction, Oil & Gas

Factory Manager Job Vacancy in Interno Group:
Interno Group is a multidisciplinary, result-oriented general contract and general trading company that deals with architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, oil & gas fields, providing genuine designs and customized solutions. No matter the size of the project. (About us – Interno Group).

Purpose: To manage the factory works and ensure that factory operations run smoothly. scheduling building and equipment maintenance as needed, regularly walking the factory floor to monitor the performance of factory staff and ensuring that all production orders are completed in a timely manner. You should also be able to enforce compliance with health and safety regulations to prevent accidents and injuries. Ultimately, a top-performing Factory Manager should have exceptional communication, management, and leadership skills. No special working condition is required.

Reporting to: the factory manager will receive reports directly from the factory workers or supervisors and will report back directly to General Manager.

Authority: Acting in the full capacity of a true Factory Manager and subject matter expert (SME)

Factory Manager Responsibilities: Fulfil the purpose of a factory manager alongside the general manager to ensure the factory target is met as a whole, specifically -
• Managing the factory in a most productive method
• Developing and implementing innovative strategies to streamline factory operations.
• Managing Wearhouse and storage of raw materials and products.
• Screening, recruiting, and training new factory workers.
• Create a strategic plan to control and determine the easy going of the production line from start to finish. Taking
into consideration the importance of time and deadlines.
• Collaborating with quality control managers to establish and execute quality control processes.
• Regularly inspecting finished products to determine whether they meet established quality standards.
• Ensuring that factory machinery is in good working order.
• Inspect the workplace for health and safety problems.
• Consumable stock management.
• Analyzing production data to identify and resolve any production issues.
• Preparing production reports and submitting them to key decision-makers.
• Motivating factory workers to continually achieve factory targets.
• Meeting Customers and clients.

Factory Manager Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Industrial Management, or related field.
• Proven +5 years of experience in a managerial role within a factory.
• Certification in Production and Inventory Management, Welding, ISO as well as Quality Control.
• Sound knowledge of industry-specific factory equipment.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office applications used in that specific file
• The ability to multitask.
• Outstanding time management skills.
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Strong management and leadership skills.
• Effective communication skills.
• Mobility and holding a valid driving license.

Salary Range: It depends on the experience of the candidate

Closing Date: 8th of May 2021

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We are a multidisciplinary, result-oriented general contracts and general trading company that deals with architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, oil & gas fields, providing genuine desi...

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