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Call for Letter of Expression of Interest

Multi-level Stakeholder Dialogue on Transitional Justice in Iraq


The Support to Stabilization and Violence Prevention in Iraq (SSVPI) project of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is requesting services for organizations, consultancy firms and companies to undertake a “Multi-level stakeholder dialogue on transitional justice in Iraq”.

The Dealing with the Past component of the GIZ SSVPI project is looking to initiate a dialogue process on transitional justice in Iraq, with a focus on restorative justice approaches, at different levels of Iraqi society. The dialogue process will serve to underline the value of an integrated and coordinated approach to transitional justice in Iraq, and identify restorative justice approaches which can complement existing initiatives and accountability efforts. This will be done through a series of exchanges at national level with civil society, community and governmental stakeholders to discuss locally-driven and integrated transitional justice approaches tailored to the Iraqi context.


The main objectives of the service are:

1. Raising awareness amongst Government of Iraq (GoI) stakeholders about the concept of restorative justice and the value of a comprehensive transitional justice strategy to complement criminal accountability efforts in Iraq, through:

  • Selection and engagement with potential champions and key stakeholders at GoI level on transitional justice in Iraq
  • Events at national level on transitional justice processes and experiences from the region, and relevance for the Iraqi context;

2. Supporting exchanges of perspectives between GoI, community, and civil society stakeholders on transitional justice needs, and identify possible windows of opportunities for restorative justice approaches, through:

  • Roundtable discussions and workshops at national level bringing together selectedcivil society, community and GoI stakeholders to explore TJ needs in Iraq and identify restorative justice policy options related to their field of intervention;
The approximate technical requirement of the service providers are as below:
  • At least 5 years of experience in organizing and facilitating policy dialogues in Iraq at different level of society;
  • Strong network of community, civil society and governmental stakeholders in Iraq;
  • Experience in informing high-level policy dialogues and ability to be perceived as a neutral stakeholder across Iraq;
  • Thorough knowledge of the political, social and transitional justice landscape in Iraq;
  • Experienced team of experts in social cohesion and transitional justice, and/or ability to access pool of international and regional experts on ad hoc basis.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in Arabic and English;
Interested companies, consultancy firms and organizations are kindly requested to express their interest for the above-mentioned services, to send a Letter of Interest with following documents:

For individual consultants:
  1. The CV with references
  2. A copy of ID or Passport.
  3. Provide a letter directed to GIZ exploring the interest to work with GIZ for above mentioned services.
  4. Bank data with all details from a local bank (Bank Name, Account Holder, IBAN, account number).
For Companies, Consultancy firms and organizations:
  1. Introduction of the firm and the company. Org. Profile including the CVs of consultants.
  2. Provide references of similar services.
  3. Provide the copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration (Company Certificate), all documents should be updated.
  4. Provide a letter directed to GIZ exploring the interest to work with GIZ for above mentioned services.
  5. Bank data with all details from a local bank (Bank Name, Account Holder, IBAN, account number) Bank account must be under company name.
  6. A copy of ID or Passport of the CEO.
Interested companies must submit above requirement from (I. to XII.) via email to with the email subject name ‘’ TJ Dialogue ‘’. 
The deadline for submission is:
On, 18.07.2021
AT 15:00

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