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The project “Private Sector Development and Employment Promotion in Iraq”, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims to improve the economic and social perspectives of young people and returning refugees in Iraq. Volatile oil prices, insecurity, policy constraints, and a saturated public sector contribute to a high youth unemployment rate and limited private sector growth, recently also amplified by the Covid-19  pandemic. The project is based on two modules covering respectively support to economic policy reforms and employment promotion.  
The first module of the project aims at supporting the Iraqi government and the government of the Kurdish Region with the planning and implementation of economic reforms towards a better investment and business climate. It follows a multi-stakeholder approach and comprises 5  outputs related to (1) capacity-building for economic policy, (2) public-private dialogues, (3)  civil society involvement for economic reforms, (4) support to evidence-based policymaking and (5) corruption prevention and business integrity. 
The second module aims at improving the employment prospects in the private sector in Iraq.  This is done through (1) youth skills development by offering and increasing needs-orientation  of vocational qualification, (2) capacity building of training institutions, (3) media campaigns to  increase the attractiveness of the private sector as an employer for young women and men, 
(4) support for growth-oriented micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and (5)  Market innovations for business development and entrepreneurship promotion. PSD is demanding services for events organizing for the years 2021 until 2023. The minimum requirements of the experts are as follows. 
Events Organising 
The applicant should have experience in arranging for various types of events, online and offline, for example, but not limited to, official meetings, conferences, symposiums, training,  etc. therefore, and depending on the type of event, the applicant is expected to be punctual in terms of implementation and according to international standards of professionalism, and most importantly is solution-oriented. 
Several years of work experience in organizing online and offline events (e.g.: webinars,  conferences, or workshops). The following skills/ knowledge/ experiences are required: 
  • Arrangement of logistics 
  • Recruitment of interpretation services (Arabic, Kurdish, and English) - Recruitment of technical specialists (for example, but not limited to, IT experts, sounds  engineer, lightning, etc.) 
  • Able to identify and book of suitable venue according to the type of the event in all of  Iraq, including the Kurdistan region 
  • Provide/ arrange catering services 
  • Facilitate transportation services (VIP service, minibuses, large buses) - Able to decorate the venue as per the type of the event 
  • Able to propose seat management solutions depending on the seniority of the  attendees 
  • Invitation and participants management 
  • Setting up/ providing a platform for online events  
  • Reporting
Optional and beneficial: 
  • Design and layout (flyer, logo, conference design, social media visuals) - Social media communication/ influencer marketing 
  • Webdesign (setting up a dedicated event website) 
  • Photography and videography 
The events will host different people from different backgrounds and ages, from students and  employees to high governmental officials. 
Interested individual consultants are kindly requested to express their interest for the above mentioned service, to send a Letter of Interest with following documents: 
1. The CV. 
2. A copy of ID or Passport. 
3. Bank data with all details from a local bank (Bank Name, Account Holder, IBAN).
4. Provide a letter directed to GIZ exploring the interest to work with GIZ for above  mentioned service. 
This expression of interest is a market search for qualified consultants/individuals and GIZ  keeps the right for appropriate selection of the best qualified consultant/individual. After this  expression of interest, you might be asked for more detailed information and the criteria of  selection will be shared with all selected consultants/individuals for future demand under this  Events Organising Services. 

Interested consultants/individuals must submit above requirements via email to with the email subject name: 
“PSD – FoA1 – Event Organising”. 
The deadline for submission is: 
Sunday 21.02.2021 
Before 15:00 local time. 


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