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Call for Letter of Expression of Interest 

The Programme “Strengthening the Participation of Women in the Rehabilitation and Peace Process  in Iraq (SPW)”, commissioned on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and  Development (BMZ), is demanding services for an individual consultant to design and give trainings  on gender concepts, norms, stereotypes and gender mainstreaming in different sectors for the staff  of the Baghdad Business School. 

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a public-benefit federal  enterprise that, on behalf of the German Government, supports many public and private sector clients  in around 120 countries in achieving their objectives in international cooperation. With this aim, GIZ  works together with its partners to develop effective solutions that offer people better prospects and  sustainably improve their living conditions. 

The SPW project aims at strengthening the participation of women in the peace and rehabilitation  process in Iraq. In an integrated approach, it contributes to the implementation of two SDGs, objective  5 and more specifically 5.5: "To ensure the full and effective participation of women and their equal  opportunities to assume leadership roles at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and  public life", and objective 16.7: "To ensure that decision-making at all levels is demand-driven,  inclusive, participatory and representative. 

The labor force participation rate for women in Iraq is among the lowest in the world, with only about  one in ten women economically active. While obstacles to entering and remaining in the labor market  vary drastically for women from different socio-economic groups, it can be in part attributed to the  lack of representation and success stories of female leadership in business in Iraq as well as lack of  relevant study contents for female students. The positive effect of the act of exemplary leadership and  role models is confirmed in literature, especially for female entrepreneurship. Therefore, there is an  evident need for female business leaders to share their stories, networks, and knowledge in order to  create a healthy and sustainable environment where women can enter and sustain themselves in the  labor market. 

In addition, educational institutions play an important role when it comes to creating equal  opportunities for all genders. Equal opportunities to start and successfully complete education at all  levels, is a basic prerequisite for equal opportunities to thrive in politics, business and society.  To promote gender equality, it is necessary to provide for equal opportunities to all not only in access  to education, but also in the conditions for success. 

Service requirement: 

The GIZ project “Strengthening the participation of women in the rehabilitation and peace process in  Iraq” plans to commission an expert that can design and give trainings on gender concepts, norms,  stereotypes and gender mainstreaming in different sectors for the staff of the BBS in order to enable  them to create gender-sensitive study materials and integrate gender in their classes and create an  empowering and safe environment for all students and raise awareness and support the development  of appropriate attitudes and expectations regarding gender equality among the students. 

The service will be conducted between 1st August and 31st December 2022 and comprise up to 14  working days in total. 

All trainings will be held in English.

Following services shall be delivered by the consultant: 

1. Assessment/Preparational tasks  

  • Facilitate a contract clarification meeting with the BBS and GIZ Team to clarify expectations  and requirements to this assignment 
  • Organize and facilitate an initial meeting with selected members of BBS to assess the  knowledge, needs and attitude of staff towards gender equality (including GBV, sexual  harassment at the workplace and technology-facilitated GBV) as well as their preferred  learning formats and availability. 
  • Prepare a detailed outline for the methodology design for the training series (including  detailed description of topics to be covered by the different sessions, workplan and format for  trainings and training material) and evaluation of results (pre- and post-assessment of  participants, including examples of the participants how the training contributed to  strengthen the economic, social, and political participation of women in their work based on  the assessment and share it with the BBS and GIZ team for review. 

2. Workshops 

  • Implement the training for the BBS staff. 

3. Reporting  

  • Write a final report including evaluation results and recommendations for further training  needs (in terms of gender equality, women’s empowerment, GBV and sexual harassment  prevention) in English. 



The consultant contributes to the development and finalisation of the following documents: 

  • Submit material used for the training on gender equality (including PowerPoint  presentations, handouts, concepts etc.) in English. 
  • Submit final report including evaluation results and recommendations for further training  needs (in terms of gender equality, GBV and the implementation of the anti-sexual  harassment strategy) in English. 

All activities must be delivered in a cooperative manner amongst all involved parties (BBS, GIZ staff).  All steps taken must be communicated beforehand and agreed upon with assigned BBS and GIZ staff. 

The approximate technical requirement of the consultant is as follows:  


Master’s degree in economics and management or social sciences 

Professional Experience: 

  • At least 10 years’ experience in the context of gender equality, women’s economic  empowerment 
  • At least 5 years’ experience as trainer for female economic empowerment-related topics - Experience in working with universities and university staff 
  • Proven knowledge of policies, laws and regulations in the context of women’s economic  empowerment and entrepreneurship 
  • Extensive knowledge about the women’s rights situation in Iraq
  • Knowledge on the current state of science and current methods for promoting female economic empowerment and participation 
  • Good network skills and knowledge of key state actors and civil society of Iraq working on women’s empowerment 
  • Good knowledge of project management and understanding of the programming cycle (planning, monitoring, reporting and evaluation) 
  • Experience in development cooperation would be a strong asset 

Location: Baghdad and Erbil

Language skills:  

  • Business fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic, Kurdish is an asset 

Interested individuals are kindly requested to express their interest for the above-mentioned services, to send a Letter of Interest with following documents: 

  • The CV with references 
  • Motivation letter 
  • A copy of ID or Passport 
  • Bank data with all details from a local bank (Bank Name, Account Holder, IBAN,  account number).  

This expression of interest is a market search for qualified Consultants and GIZ keeps the right for  appropriate selection of the best qualified consultants for future demand.  

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