English Teacher

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Location Basrah Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

Personal Skills Required:

  1. Strong teamwork, able to work with multi-national team.
  2. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Strong classroom presentation skills.
  4. Good interpersonal skills, able to work in multi-culture and multi-company environments.

Technical Skills Required:

  1. Strong background with both business and technical ESL presentation
  2. Knowledgeable of / competent with ESL programs in relation to upstream operations
  3. Competent / experienced with ESL training programs with international applications
  4. Strong ESL training presentation, coordination, evaluation, & planning skills
  5. Competent computer skills; presentation, spreadsheets, document preparation
  6. Familiar with EM ESL scale or equivalent.


  1. Prepare ESL training programs and manage presentation materials / equipment.
  2. Present ESL training material in an professional, interesting, and stimulating manner to ensure all students achieved the desired EM ESL scale target (as defined Level 3 thru 5) as efficiently as possible.
  3. Ensure all students engage positively in learning experience.
  4.  Assist and encourage students who experience difficulties.
  5. Assess student’s capabilities and modify program presentation as needed to maximize students learning’s.
  6. Maintain program performance, completion, and evaluation records.
  7. Interface and coordinate training activities with BOC, Company, and other personnel to effectively achieve program presentations and completion objectives.


  1. SME(s) would be located in West Qurna field area.
  2. SME(s) work schedule would vary depending upon operational staff availability.
  3. SME(s) work locations would vary depending upon site instructional requirements.

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