Data Manager

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Location Duhok Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector IT, Services
The position holder is responsible for:
  • Supervising the performance of the SQL-based CfW monitoring system
The data manager will oversee the integration of data gathered by all users of the system into a big data base for the purpose of generating overall evaluations, payrolls and cross checking data of implementation partners. In addition, the data manager will inform the head of the unit about the performance of the system. Furthermore, the data manager is responsible for the liaison with implementation partners in terms of data management.
  • Technical supervision of the data management component
The data manager will oversee the performance of the data analysts and will give recommendations about their performance. Also, the data manager will be responsible for ensuring a proper quality of the data gathered. In cooperation with the head of unit, the data manager will design data transfer and communication processes (online data transfer, weekly data reports).
  • Development of additional functions for the monitoring system
In order to serve the needs of the project, additional functions will be added to the system. The data manager will be responsible of programming new features under supervision of Head of Unit.
  • Core scope of tasks The position holder
-   Installation and adjustment of the monitoring system for third parties
In case third parties are interested in using the monitoring system, the data manager will adjust the system for their needs and will implement the system for them. Also, the data manager will be responsible for the server and network installation and configuration needed to install the monitoring system
  • Responsibility of testing additional functions and adjustments
All additional functions and adjustments will be tested by the data manager before being launched. The data manager will afterwards give recommendations for improvement and will facilitate the implementation of those recommendations.
  • Responsibility of troubleshooting in terms of server and network issues
The data manager will be the main contact for maintenance and troubleshooting in terms of server and network issues in order to keep monitoring system running online.
  • Additional tasks, depending on future project structure
C.Required qualifications, competencies
and experience Qualifications
  • Experience with C# Programming Language or any equivalent .NET language
  • Experience with Android development app and connecting to Server.
  • Experience with MySQL Database or any equivalent DBMS
  • Experience with Server configuration.
  • Experience with writing complex SQL Queries, including sub-queries and joining tables
  • Experience with installing small networks, have abilities to troubleshoot any problem occurs in the network or in the system
Professional experience
  • Experience with and/or studies (ideally at graduate level) in computer programming or software engineer
  • Good working knowledge of Excel for administrative purposes and for the management and analysis of quantitative data (including creation of clear graphics and tables)
  • Excellent written and spoken English, including the ability to write clear and engaging reports
  • Good IT skills, in particular MS Office, databases, networking, troubleshooting, etc.
Other knowledge, additional competencies
  • Self-motivated and ability to work independently as well as being part of a team
  • Highly organized and able to work to deadlines
  • Accurate and good eye for detail
  • Confident and cooperative, even under pressure
  • Flexibility to allow for some travel (15%), variable working hours, and some modifications of tasks and responsibilities as team and project needs change
  • Additionally, desirable

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