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Location Duhok Job Type Contract
Salary Sector NGO
Contract Duration: From 1 April  2019 until 31 March 2020 with 2 months probation period. Renewable. 
Location of the Assignment: The Community Outreach Officer will be based in Dohuk, with frequent travel to Ninewa governorate.
Deadline for applications: 21st of March 2019
Successful candidate will be contracted by Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) - Polish charity, specializing in refugee focused humanitarian assistance and recovery assistance in post-conflict environment. For more information about PCPM please visit our website: 
MASAR for Local Governments is a programme funded by the EU MADAD trust fund. The overall aim of the programme is to strengthen the long-term resilience of targeted subnational governments and their host, refugee and IDP populations to deal with displacement. Subnational governments in Iraq and Lebanon have been the first to be confronted by the repercussions of the Syrian refugee crisis: increased pressure on local services, competition for local employment opportunities, corroding social cohesion, faster urbanisation trends, rent-seeking behaviour and inflation due to externally injected funds in the local economy, and so forth.  MASAR for local governments therefore focuses on the urban setting, which is the background of processes of displacement, investment, employment and service delivery. Displacement has a fast-forward effect on urbanisation, and it also greatly affects the relationships of cities and towns with their more rural surroundings. 
The programme in Iraq aims to help municipal and governorate bodies in Dohuk and Ninewa. MASAR has three objectives:
To improve the capacities of subnational governments to engage in holistic, area-based planning and consider different scenarios that respond to the needs of host, refugee and IDP populations.
To improve service delivery to generate greater social stability outcomes, based on the needs of host, refugee and IDP populations.
To empower subnational governments and service providers to facilitate local economic development and to have better access to municipal investment that benefit the extension of safe public services and create economic opportunities for host, refugee and IDP populations.

The Community Outreach Officer, a national expert, will provide support to and liaise and coordinate closely with the selected subnational governments on a day-to-day basis. The Community Outreach Officer will coordinate closely with the Front Officer based in Dohuk and the Team Leader based in Beirut.
Key responsibilities of the Community Outreach Officer include:
  • Provide technical assistance and hands-on advice to selected subnational governments on designing service delivery models that include community participation.
  • Act as interlocutor between the MASAR project team and selected subnational governments. 
  • Liaise with local beneficiaries such as selected subnational governments and deconcentrated service providers of Ministries.
  • Engage with the beneficiary population (host community as well as refugee/IDP), with special attention to vulnerable groups such as women and youth, and channel their needs.
  • Liaise with community representatives and councils, local NGOs and local businesses.
  • Support the establishment of dynamic community participation mechanisms, making use of already existing structures in each setting as appropriate. Provide support to the Front Officer and act as deputy in his/her absence. 
  • Follow up the planning, implementation and monitoring of project activities.
  • Identify needs for experts (international and national), prepare their Terms of References in close cooperation with the Front Officer. 
  • Organise and facilitate community outreach conferences and continuous outreach presence.
  • Organise and facilitate feedback sessions with communities of selected subnational governments on the impact of service delivery and scenario planning in their urban area, including to select benchmark indicators.
  • Organise local accountability forums.
  • In cooperation with the Front Officer, identify procurement needs and priority investment projects together with subnational governments, based on the scenario plans.
  • Contribute to the progress, activity and final reports in close cooperation with the Front Officer.
  • Take part in meetings (e.g. weekly/monthly management meetings, coordination meetings), workshops, trainings and seminars as deemed necessary.
  • Carry out other assignments as deemed necessary by the MASAR Consortium and/or Contracting Agency.
  • If needed and called upon by the Front Officer, assist Front Officer and other team members in liaising with government ministries, departments and offices in relation to matters regarding the local office and its registration and requirements regarding registration, reporting, visa, residency, permits, etc. 
  • Do occasional translation and interpretation, when needed by the Front Officer and team members.  
The Community Outreach Officer will provide to the Front Officer (at least) the following outputs/deliverables:
  • Products related to the tasks and responsibilities as outlined in the Description of Action;
  • Reports on various meetings with local stakeholders;
  • Contributions to technical & financial reports;
  • Monthly activity reports;
  • Work plans.
The minimum qualifications and skills of the Community Outreach Officer are: 
  • Relevant completed education background (public administration studies, political science, social geography, planning, project management,  monitoring and evaluation or equivalent).
Professional Experience:
  • Over 5 years of working experience with subnational governments and inter-governmental relations; 
  • Knowledge of the local context;
  • Extensive network and contacts on the ground; 
  • Proficient in Arabic;
  • Proficient in English; . 
  • Kurdish is an asset;  
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel);
  • Experience in writing reports;
  • Experience in conducting surveys, assessments, etc;
  • Ability to work flexibly, independently and as part of a small team; 
  • Cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural skiils (religion, ethnicity, gender). Ability to build collaborative relationships between diverse communities;
  • Understanding of local laws and other government requirements. 

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