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Job Description - Bidder

Part of Interno’s development plan, we are searching for a level-headed bidding team to join our excellent teams. In this role, as a team you will identify opportunities for bid submissions, develop bid-winning strategies, conduct research, write and edit proposals, negotiate with stakeholders, and collaborate with each to ensure bid security. Candidates will be interviewed per our HR department’s procedure. One of the candidates will be selected as the bid manager to lead the team. A top-notch bidding team will be able to write effective proposals while adhering to budgetary and time constraints. Ideal candidates should demonstrate a sound understanding of the industry, and be able to communicate and negotiate with a range of stakeholders. A bidding team manages customer proposal requests and coordinates company bids. They create solutions and develop strategies while complying with customer requirements in order to achieve their ultimate goal of securing winning bids. This is a large part of how company’s secure and maintain clients and contracts. The Bid Manager would be at the executive-level within a tendering/bidding department, and would work closely with high-level executives such as the board of directors, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. They would be able to work in a number of different industries. Working Days: 6 days a week.

In order to orchestrate winning bids, a bidder and the bid manager perform many different tasks, the core roles and responsibilities have been listed below.

  • Identifying opportunities for bid submissions and raising them with the bid management team.
  • Conducting research and brainstorming key points to include in the bid.
  • Crafting persuasive and detailed proposals.
  • Performing risk assessments and addressing concerns of clients and company staff.
  • Ensuring all deadlines are met.
  • Liaising with suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors.
  • Keeping track of all costs and managing budgets.
  • Working closely with project managers, design managers, estimators, and senior personnel.
  • Conducting team briefings once bids have been secured.
Prepare Proposals: Overseeing all aspects of proposal preparation, ensuring quality, compelling bids are submitted in a timely manner. Reviewing all customer requirements to ensure that they are met in the proposal and collaborate with a wide variety of involved parties to include all necessary information within the proposals.
Manage Databases: Tasked with coordinating incoming bid requests and proposal responses, the team must organize and track all requests and responses using company databases. It is their responsibility to maintain and update this database regularly. They must also set up customer profiles in appropriate databases and maintain customer information.
Coach bidding team: The Bid Manager acts as a coach for the bidding team. They guide staff through the entire deal cycle and help them score large deals for the company. Acting as a mentor, their goal is to train and educate bidding team in a way that will spark company growth.
Provide Customer Service: In order to successfully win bids, the bidding team must provide potential and current clients with excellent customer service. They work to improve customer satisfaction and ensure that important clients are retained, quickly developing and implementing solutions when the potential to lose a customer presents itself. Regularly communicating with customers is crucial, as is notifying them of any project updates or changes.
Oversee Bid Pricing: Bidding team is to negotiate with potential and current clients on behalf of their company in order to secure deals and implement pricing agreements between vendor and customer. They assist with bid pricing and submit pricing suggestions for review and approval.
The bid manager would be an excellent communicators and team builders, leading the tendering/bidding department to secure winning bids and increase its revenue. The Bid manager together with the bidding team, they are business-minded multi-taskers who know how to organize and prioritize and may even have some project management experience.
Core skills:
  • Showing proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Showing an understanding of the bid process
  • Obtaining proposal management experience
  • Demonstrating previous exposure to contracts and an understanding of basic contract language
  • Providing proven leadership and management experience
  • Having extensive bidding experience
  • Possessing experience interacting with executive-level staff
Advanced skills:
  • Experience securing large contracts
  • Industry-specific knowledge and background
  • Knowledge of document management methods
  • Cloud software experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction, or another relevant discipline. Or
  • Bachelor’s degree in management or English.
  • Experience as a bid writer is advantageous.
  • Excellent industry knowledge and a willingness to keep up with trends.
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal abilities.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Deadline-driven and committed to excellence.
  • Languages: Kurdish, Arabic, and English

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