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  • Archive clerks understand how the archive is organized. They prepare the archive records and computer databases that include descriptions of the files in the archive. They can also show researchers where to find the information they need.


If the files in an archive are sensitive with private information, it’s the job of the clerk to

protect the files and the information inside and make sure not to expose any related

information of patients to outsiders and to any unauthorized personal

Access Control

Only archive personal and authorized employees such as doctors or nurses are allowed to enter the archive room. The clerk is responsible for controlling the access to the archive unit

Job Duties and Tasks for: "Archive Clerk"

1) Keep records of documents filed or removed, using logbooks or computers.

2) Add new documents to file records, and create new records as necessary.

3) Perform general office duties such as typing, operating office machines, and sorting


4) Track documents removed from files in order to ensure that borrowed files are


5) Gather documents to be filed from departments and employees.

6) Sort or classify information according to guidelines such as content, purpose, user

criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.

7) Find and retrieve information from files in response to requests from authorized users.

8) Scan or read incoming documents in order to determine how and where they should be

classified or filed.

9) Place documents into storage receptacles, such as file cabinets, boxes, bins, or drawers,

according to classification and identification information.

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