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Location Erbil Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Operations
Program: Recovery and Rehabilitation Mosul (RRM) and Stabilizing Livelihoods in Nineveh (SLN)
Position: Advisor Context Component
Deadline for application: 20th August 2018
A. Context
After the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) has been largely defeated in Iraq, the country is at a critical stage. Mosul, a city with a former population of approximately 1.4 million, suffered from widespread destruction of public and private infrastructure since its final liberation from the IS in July 2017. The northern Iraqi governorate Nineveh has also been subject to fighting between the terrorist group "Islamic State" (IS) and various other armed actors. As a result of these clashes and terrorism against the civilian population by the IS, more than 600,000 people fled, of an overall estimated 3.2 million inhabitants.
The province is also characterised by its diversity: Sunni Kurds and Sunni Arabs represent the majority of the population. Among the smaller groups are Yezidi, Shi'ite Turkmen, Christians and the Shi'a Shabak. The recent events have significantly contributed to the increasing divide between the aforementioned groups and further weakened the social and political fabric.
The objective of the projects is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations in selected communities in Nineveh, specifically in the city of Mosul and six other sub-districts. The projects aim at conceptualizing the relevant connection between so called hard components e.g. construction and soft components including programming in civil conflict transformation, promoting peaceful coexistence and strengthening social cohesion beyond the project region. Thus, the projects are focusing on 1) rehabilitation of basic public social infrastructure, 2) livelihood activities to support returnees and vulnerable groups and 3) peacebuilding measures.
The action field ‘peacebuildung measures’ will significantly contribute to civil conflict transformation, promoting peaceful coexistence, and strengthening social cohesion beyond the project region. It aims at an overall promotion of context-sensitive approaches in all fields of action, aligned with the requirements for peace and security. For this purpose, operations in all three fields require a do no-harm check and a continuous review of the conflict-sensitive implementation of activities. Furthermore, short- and mid-term peacebuilding measures will systematically include experiences with the latter into the conceptual development of long-term peacebuilding approaches
B. Overall Purpose of Post
As an Advisor for the context component your tasks will be within above-mentioned action field three ‘peacebuilding measures’. You will be facilitating and advising on the conflict sensitive implementation of the program focusing on conceptual development, process management and monitoring. That includes close support and advise to partners of GIZ such as political stakeholders, civil servants, implementation partners, civil society and other central actors. You
will furthermore provide the necessary insight for proactive action and possible redesign of the activities as well as planning of follow up measures. Frequent visits to Mosul and other sub- districts in Nineveh are necessary. The work location is Baghdad and Erbil (50/50).
C. Tasks and Responsibilities
1. General Responsibilities
Within the above described action field 3 the Responsibilities of the Advisor for the Context Component are:
▪ Coordination and organization for effective implementation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the project as well as reporting of project activities.
▪ Participating frequently in meetings with political stakeholders, civil servants, implementation partners, civil society and other central actors.
▪ Incorporating and applying conflict sensitive approaches as well as addressing cross- cutting issues (e.g. gender) in design and implementation of activities.
▪ Regular assessment of the strategic implementation of actions, identifying areas of emphasis to guide project improvements, future activities and further strategic development of the project.
▪ Continuous updating of the conflict and context analysis with the involvement of well- connected local and national implementation partners (Think Tanks, NGOs, etc.).
▪ Close coordination and cooperation with the relevant international organizations and state actors plus other stakeholders including identification of further interfaces and synergies.
▪ Monitoring the progress on agreed results framework and performance indicators and taking action and/ or provide timely assessment, i.e. communicating on progress, risks, expectations, timelines, milestones and other key project metrics.
▪ Following up on the systematic conflict monitoring and stakeholder mapping, guaranteeing a dynamic conflict analysis and adequate response mechanisms.
▪ Preparation of material proactively and on request
▪ Ensuring knowledge management and capitalization of information, which includes records and filing.
D. Required qualifications, competences and experience
General Qualifications
▪ Degree in social science, political science, law, project management, computer science or related field of study.
▪ At least 6 years professional experience in a field relevant to the position in a comparable position, preferably in an INGO or International Development Organization.
▪ Very good command of ICT technologies
▪ Strong coordination and organization skills with attention to details and deadlines regarding effective implementation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the project as well as reporting of project activities in a context and conflict sensitive manner.
▪ Good communication and networking skills.
▪ Excellent communication skills in English and Arabic.
Specific Qualifications
▪ Experience in supporting and monitoring peacebuilding or development programs in Iraq or a similar context.
▪ Experience in working with multi-cultural teams.
▪ Experience in the field of context and conflict sensitive approaches and conflict sensitive monitoring, advocacy, institutional capacity building.
▪ Previous working experience with conflict stakeholders, CSO/NGO and in taking responsibility for contract management and partner relations;

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