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Location Baghdad Job Type Contract
Salary $ 1,000 plus commission Sector Sales, Administration, Education


CLIC-LEARNING emerged from the belief that high-quality education and training will provide people with the tools they need to advance their careers and build a prosperous future.  With our Canadian university and college partners, we offer specialized English-language and corporate training services in the Middle East and North Africa.​

Today we are growing across Iraq, offering opportunities to individuals and organizations looking to increase their competitiveness and value in a global marketplace. We’ve partnered with Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, to deliver licensed English language programs. Our partnership allows us to bring our international standards to education services in Iraq.  Our students certified benefit from rapid, reliable language acquisition and have the opportunity to continue their post-secondary education in Canada.​

Our experienced instructors are certified according to Canadian standards, and deliver a high quality curriculum. Our advisors ensure that students have all the support they need to navigate the university application process if they choose to continue their education in Canada or other leading international universities.

​Our specialized Corporate Training services are offered to both the private and public sector. We specialize in teaching English in the Workplace, which provides tailored and industry-specific language training, but in addition we have over 100 professional development training modules available including Integrated Management Systems with ISO International Standards Program, Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH), Leadership, Project Management, and Effective Communications. These programs are scalable and flexible to meet your company’s budget and goals.


About the Position

Works closely with all teachers and staff at CLIC-LEARNING to provide support in all administrative duties such as research, academic calendar updates, booking appointments, scheduling and administering tests for clients, etc. The Academic and Sales Administrator will be at the front line of “inhouse” sales, he/she will be responsible for welcoming and following up with clients, calling clients, responds to calls and enquires on social media and drop-ins.

To achieve CLIC-LEARNING Strategic Objectives, the Academic and Sales Administrator will work closely with the Office Manager, Financial Officer, and Marketing and Communication Manager on daily basis based on the duties and functions of each. He/She will need to understand the duties and functions of every colleague to ensure that Academic Unit is supported and to conduct inhouse sales.

General Duties:

Coordinate all Academic Unit administrative needs;

Ensure that teachers are supported administratively to perform their duties and functions as planned by the Academic Manager;

Coordinate with the Office Manager and Marketing and Communication Manager the Academic Agenda, launching of new courses/classes, and the launching of the marketing campaigns and special events;

Coordinate with the Office Manager and the Financial Officer all sales and cash receipts, adhere to financial process;

Specific Tasks: Administrative

  1. Contact clients/students to obtain information, status and answer queries
  2. Maintain student records (applications, tests, marks, etc.)
  3. Liaise with Office manager to ensure timely delivery of services to teachers and students
  4. Coordinate scheduling of classes onsite and offsite
  5. Stay up to date with client(s) requests
  6. Coordinate with the Marketing and Communication Manager all special events, videos, and photos shoots
  7. Assist the Academic Manager with daily schedule
  8. Attend weekly English classes (time permitting) at office
  9. Handle onsite technical issues
  10. Attend weekly staff meetings and other meetings, as required
  11. Format documents and reports under the guidance of the Academic Manager
  12. Create and maintain hard and virtual filing systems

Sales Administration Responsibilities:

  1. Meet and greet office visitors
  2. Respond to phone calls and social media communication immediately/within an acceptable time frame
  3. Report daily on response to call and social media enquiries
  4. Scheduling of clients appointments to visit Office and to meet with staff and teachers
  5. Administration of clients placement tests
  6. Maintain and update sales and customer records


  1. Minimum bachelor degree in English Language, Business Management, Administration
  2. Minimum 2-year experience in office administration and preference for those with experience in the education management
  3. Minimum 1 year experience in direct sales


  1. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft products (Outlook, Word, Power Point, Excel)
  2. Exceptional organization and multitasking skills
  3. Excellent knowledge of English
  4. Excellent skills in writing in Arabic


  1. A desire to learn and to continuously improve skills
  2. Positive personality and not intimidated by challenges
  3. Problem solver
  4. Team player who can contribute to the overall success of the company





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