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Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking to hire a Contract Administrator for an international oil and gas operator in Erbil. Candidates must have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in contract admin area, procurement and be fluent in Kurdish and English.

Department, Section, Group      

Department of Contract Holder

Position’s objective

Contract Administrator controls all documentation related to the contract from the stage of setting contract strategy till the stage of closure the contract.

Main Duties

List of tasks, actions and processes, which are performed by an employee in this position, and which are within his/her personal responsibility area – without permanent participation of colleagues, immediate supervisor and/or reportees in these processes.

At the stage of the strategy setting

  • Participation in strategy development of a contract/consolidated group of contracts, by means of provision of recommendations regarding approaches to contracting/contracting models and contracting prices, based on the relevant past experience in administration of similar contracts and the lessons learned;
  • Ensuring contract strategies are endorsed by Company management;
  • Participation in preparation of the Company cost estimate; Contract Administrator should be engaged in such work by the cost controller;
  • Preparation of presentations for the management of the Company, MNR should it be necessary.

At the stage of preparation for the tender

  • Participate in joint review of draft contracts with SCM, to ensure technical requirements of the Contract Holder are clear, consistent application of contractual key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement of the KPIs are well defined;
  • Provides timely responses to requests from the Operator’s Financial Block and Legal regarding contracts;
  • Coordinate preparation of the scope of work by the contract owner, including all required specifications, drawings and other engineering documentation in the tender documentation package;
  • Create purchase requisitions for services and materials (Purchase Requisitions for Services, Purchase Requisitions for Materials);
  • Update and maintain current information SoW packages used at the Company;
  • Participate in establishment of the contract pricing mechanism (lump sum, unit rates, cost reimbursement etc.) and prepare a pricing tables based on a certain scope of supply/works/services
  • Assist the Production Department in preparation of the bid’s evaluation criteria definition and/or justification of the single-source procedure;

The stage of contracts endorsement and signing

Monitor the process of signing contracts with the winning bidders on the subject of compliance with the established schedule/work program deadlines for contracts signing;

  • Under the framework of the task of ensuring proper fulfillment of contractual obligations by the parties:
  • Analyze contractual obligations, promptly inform the Line and the Functional Manager of any deviations/breaches identified in performance of the contract;
  • Check the timeliness of receipt from the counter-party and correctness of the wording of the Performance Bond on the subject of conformity to the relevant provisions of the contract ("Performance Bond" clause);
  • Organize, prepare for and hold kick-off meetings with the counter-parties;
  • Participate in preparation of Purchase Requisitions for Services, Work Order, Call-Off Request, Purchase Requisitions for Materials and etc., arrange their signing by the Contract Holder, assignment of a registration number and timely submission to the counter-party;
  • Check plans/work programs, prepared by technical specialists for the counter-party, endorse them by signing to confirm that the planned volume of work/services were provided for under the terms of the contract, that they fall within the scope of work under the contract and the planned costs are within the approved budget of the contract.
  • Control of timeliness of transfer/receipt from the counter-party of the necessary certificates, statements, Service Entry Sheets, Materials Entry Sheets, supporting documents, invoices and warranties. Arrange for their checking on the subject of conformity to the terms of the contract while interacting with the counter-parties, the Contract Holder and the financial function of the Company;
  • Ensure timely transfer of the invoices and the accompanying/supporting documentation (statements of work delivery/acceptance, lists of work performed, certificates, etc.) to the cost control specialist or directly to the accountant (depending on the terms of the contract) of the Company, ensures that critical comments on these documents are rectified;
  • Monitor the periods of validity of the bank and other bonds submitted by the contractor (for example: certified check) issued by the counter-party in accordance with the terms of the Contract;
  • Interact with the financial and accounting functions as concerns fulfillment of the payment obligations on the terms other than standard (such as Letters of Credit); 
  • Monitor the periods of validity of insurance policies issued under the contract;
  • Ensure timely preparation, arrange for signing by the Contract Holder, registration and issue of official letters, notices and office memos; When letters/office memos/notices are prepared by technical specialists due to the specifics of the issue at hand, Contract Administrator performs the final check of the above listed documents on the subject of their conformity to the terms of the contract prior to their issue;
  • Account for all the contract documents (agreements on amendment of the terms of the contract, instructions, warranties, certificates, procedures and claims), all incoming correspondence (including all electronic correspondence between the Parties); Ensure that procedures (rules) are available for accounting for the rest of the documentation, control compliance with such procedures;
  • Monitor the cost of work and the volume of the work performed under the contract; Jointly with the Contract Holder review and critically assess the Contractor's cost estimates and compare them with similar prices/rates set out in other contracts, available cost estimates, engineering estimates, etc. Exercise control over the costs against the approved Contract Value (this function applies when the Contract Administrator functions are combined with the Cost Controller functions);
  • On a monthly basis perform analysis of costs under the current contracts and update the budget of his/her structural unit correspondingly (this function applies when the Contract Administrator functions are combined with the Cost Controller functions); Draft and update on a regular basis the Contract Management Plans;
  • Jointly with the Contract Holder monitor the scope of the provided services and the counter-party's compliance with its contractual obligations; Interact with the Company and the Contractor employees at work site as relates to fulfillment of the parties' obligations under the contract;
  • Timely identify deviations/breaches of the terms and conditions of the contract; All non-compliances/breaches need to be duly documented. Issue recommendations, requests and prescribe corrective actions to be taken by employees of the Company, the counter-party and the Contract Holder to rectify the identified non-compliances/breaches. Engage the Company's Legal Affairs whenever necessary;
  • On a regular basis monitor compliance and provide reports on fulfillment/breach of contract obligations to the Line and Functional Supervisors;
  • Prepare and monitor application of the counter-party's key performance indicators, including bonuses and penalties; Organize meetings with the counter-parties to evaluate their operations and the level of the provided service, participate in such meetings, take minutes of such meetings (whenever necessary) and arrange for their signing;
  • In situations when disputes and/or misinterpretation of contractual provisions arise between the parties to the contract, the Contract Administrator conducts negotiations with the counter-party with the view to settle the disputed issues and engage relevant discipline Company specialists whenever necessary, prepare minutes of meetings and organize their signing; 
  • Participate in preparation of procedures and operational regulations pertaining to his/her functional activities;
  • Verify all instructions issued under the contract on the subject of their conformity to the terms and conditions of the contract;
  • Keep a register of the current, planned and completed contracts.

Under the framework of the task of potential risks identification

  • Identify potential risks and facts, as well as monitor events that may lead to change of the terms of the contract and/or filing of claims to the Company and/or increase of the costs under the contract against the approved budget of the contract. Timely inform (by e-mail) the direct Line and Functional Supervisors of such identified events/risks, providing recommendations regarding how to avoid realization of the risk.

Under the framework of the task to participate in handling of claims

  • Ensure timely submission of information to the Company's Legal Affairs when the counter-party breaches its contractual obligations in order to decide on the need to apply the Liquidated Damages envisaged under the contract; Control over application of liens and other sanctions envisaged under contracts;

Participation in settlement of claims presented by the Company and counter-parties

  • Ensure filing of all official documents and correspondence in respect to the current claims of the Parties.

Under the framework of the task to provide support as relates to contract amendments

  • Keep detailed and current records by each and any activity related to changes of the contract terms and conditions, as required for approval of the contract changes.
  • Control timeliness of guidelines issue, change requests/supplementary agreements to contracts;
  • Check proposals from the Operations and the service provider regarding changes, prepare executive summaries on the proposed changes;
  • Participate and engage the Contract Holder into participation in negotiations with the counter-party as required to agree upon the rates applicable to the additional works;
  • Ensure preparation and due endorsement of change request for its further submission to the Contracting and Procurement.

Under the framework of the task to provide support as relates to contract close-out

  • Make sure that the counter-party completely fulfills its obligations including rectification of defects and outstanding items, fulfillment of warranty obligations;
  • Verify completeness and proper execution and completeness of documents in confirmation of fulfillment of obligations;
  • Ensure proper closing out (completion) of the contract after implementation of the project/provision of the relevant work/services, as a result of full completion or early termination in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract and requirements of the Company;
  • Ensure technical close-out of the contract

Qualitative impact indicators

  • Actual volumetric/measurable indicators, characterizing the scope of immediate impact at this position level.
  • Timely Contract strategy provision and submission for approval to the management of the Company, MCM and MNR (if MCM and/or MNR approval required)          
  • Number of cases of compliances/breaches in fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the contract are timely identified. Non-compliances/breaches are duly documented      
  • Prevented and/or minimized number of actions taken by results of the identified risks, counter-party's claims against the Company.
  • Expenditures under the contract are within the approved budget of the contract.              


  • Production, Drilling, G&G, HSE, Security, SCM, CSR etc.
  • Number of Bidders and Contractors


  • High Education Specialization in law, economics, finance, management


  • Strategic and tactical planning 
  • Contract Management
  • Project management
  • Skills for effective negotiations
  • Effective communications
  • Effective work in conditions of limited resources
  • Financial management
  • Supply chain risk management 
  • Creativity (innovativeness)
  • Flexibility (adaptability)
  • Motivation achievements
  • Problem analysis and decision making
  • Ability to work irregular working hours in order to fulfill official duties

Foreign languages

  • English (upper-intermediate)
  • Kurdish

Work experience

  • Experience in the specialty for at least 7 years (contract administration, procurement)
  • Experience in the oil and gas field for at least 3 years
  • Experience in international companies for at least 2 years

Computer/Software literacy      

  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • SAP R3 (or similar
  • Advanced MS Excel, MS Project and Power Point user
  • Skills in electronic document management systems

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process



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