Senior Metrology Engineer

Posted 8 months ago by MSELECT
Location Erbil, Iraq Job Type
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking to hire a Senior Metrology Engineer for an oil and gas service client in Erbil. Candidates must have at least 5 years of experience in a similar role within the oil and gas industry. English fluency is a must.

Role Purpose

  • The main objective of this position is to implement the metrological support within the client in order to ensure the uniform, uninterrupted measurements with the required accuracy, improvement of the level of metrological support in the company.

Job Responsibilities

  • Implementation of the metrological support of the client
  • Functional interaction with the client’s Business Units engaged in operation and maintenance
  • Proving, calibration, repairs of the measuring systems and instruments
  • Application of the optimal measuring methods and accuracy requirements for metering of Crude oil quantity
  • Control of the Crude oil quality parameters and operation process indicators
  • Acceptance and accounting of consumption of power, water, gas and other resources
  • Participation in calibration and proving of the measuring instruments and the certification of measurement and control testing equipment
  • Participation in the analysis of the metrological support of the Pipeline System
  • Development of proposals for the client’s management on introduction of new measurement systems and instruments
  • Implementation of organizational and technical actions to improve metrological support, methods and equipment, control and testing
  • Participation in the development and control over fulfillment of the schedules for periodical maintenance, proving, calibration and repair of measurement instruments of the client by certified contractors or by in-house resources
  • Organization, control and management of the maintenance, calibration and proving of instrumentation and metrology equipment in compliance with the applicable standards
  • Internal normative documents, the operation and maintenance manuals, device specific guidelines, instructions and manufacturer documentation
  • Metrological support during identification of demand of the client’s operational Business Units in the measuring instrumentation, generation and agreeing of the purchase requisitions
  • Record of availability and movements of the measuring instruments and equipment
  • Participation in the inventory taking of the client’s measuring equipment and instruments
  • Preparation of lists of measuring equipment and instruments, requiring repair or replacement
  • Planning the sequential order of repair works
  • Metrological support of specialized repairs (including emergency repair) of the measuring instrumentation and supply of spare parts, components and consumables
  • Control over timely presentation of the measuring equipment and instrumentation for periodic calibration and verification
  • Interaction with the Metrology Regulatory Bodies of the Kurdistan Region and Republic of Iraq within assigned Business Area
  • Participation in the review of the Terms of Reference, design and manufacturer documentation, vendor proposals, internal normative documents of the Company in relation to the metrological support
  • Participation in the development and agreeing the local normative documents of the Company within the assigned Business Area
  • Development of metrological documentation, such as calibration, verification, proving, testing procedures, measurement procedures, calculation of error and uncertainty, etc.
  • Support the introduction to operations of the State standards, best international practices and internal normative documents, regulating the accuracy of measurement, measurement methods and proving equipment, and aimed at increasing operations efficiency and technical level of the client
  • Participation in the acceptance for works and services performed by contractors, as well as in the startup of the new measuring systems and instruments
  • Participation in the metrology supervision over compliance to the regulatory metrological documentation, conditions and proper operation of the metrological equipment and measuring instrumentation of the client
  • Control over the timely correction of breaches in the metrological support revealed by the authorized state regulatory bodies or by the internal metrology audits
  • Participation in organization of trainings for the Company employees engaged in operation, maintenance, proving, calibration, repair of the measuring instruments
  • Participation in the reporting and record keeping system showing the adherence to processes and standards as well as testing and calibration results
  • Submission of the reporting to the Chief Metrologist, Head of Automation Division and Senior Management of client
  • Execution of orders of the Chief Metrologist within assigned business duties
  • Participation in the preparation information regarding short-term and long-term work plans and budgets within the assigned Business area
  • Participation in the preparation of specifications for procurement of measuring equipment and instrumentation, as well as the services from contractors
  • Interact with equipment suppliers and service contractors for process instrumentation and metrology equipment
  • Control over compliance to the requirements of the Industrial Safety in performance of works
  • Organization and introduction of measures aimed at environment protection in due performance of assigned works

Job Qualifications

  • Technical University degree, preferably in Metrology, Metrological Support, Instrument & Automated Control, Electronic, Electric or similar discipline
  • Training in field of Metrology

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of proven professional experience in similar positions in the area of metrology support in companies within the oil & gas industry
  • English fluency is a must
  • Knowledge of the National Code of Iraq for Measurement of Hydrocarbon Fluids
  • Practical experience in maintenance and calibration of the Pressure, Temperature, Volume, Level, Flow, Density, BS&W instrumentation and Analyzers
  • Knowledge of the Applicable International standards and regulative documents in the field of metrological support, including ISO, OIML, API, ASTM
  • Methods and procedure for metrology supervision, calibration, verification and proving procedures for instrument and LACT
  • Knowledge of instrumentation assembly and operating principle and rules, practical experience in maintenance, proving, calibration of measuring equipment and LACT
  • Experience in interaction with the State Metrology Bodies
  • Ability to navigate instrumental software from a variety of vendors
  • Knowledge of transportation process, accounting, acceptance and transfer of crude oil or petroleum products
  • Strong technical understanding of instrumentation and the facilities of the pipeline system of the client
  • Experience in organization and execution of maintenance, proving and calibration of LACT units, testing
  • International working experience in a multi-cultural environment

IT Skills Required

  • Proficiency in using standard office software such as MS Windows and MS Office
  • Proficiency in using modern communication tools such as internet, e-mail, mobile phone, telephone / video conferencing, messenger systems
  • Experience in application of special metrological/instrument software
  • Knowledge of SCADA systems and Automation and control systems at Metering Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Calibration tools and associated test software

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process.

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