Demining Seismic Supervisor

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Location Duhok Job Type
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking to hire a Demining Seismic Supervisor for an international oil and gas client in Kurdistan. Candidates must have at least 4 years of previous experience in Seismic projects and be fluent in English.


Position’s objective
Ensuring that the Seismic Contractor and ERW Service Provider conduct ERW activities according to Client Specifications, reducing the overall ERW Risk for seismic activities to an acceptable level and that such activities are aligned with IMAS, NMAS and Best Industry Practice.


Direct duties

  • Verify that the Method Statement, Project Execution Plan is site specific and aligns with Client Specifications, IMAS, NMAS and Best Industry Practice.
  • Verify that the Method Statement or Project Execution Plan is adapted to suit the needs of a dynamic seismic environment.
  • Verify that the ERW Service Provider has all its permissions and Accreditations in place, such as IKMAA accreditation, IKMAA tasking orders, MNR permission, personnel approval from local Asayish etc.
  • Verify that the ERW Service Provider have adequate control systems in place such as Quality Management Plan, consisting of a QA section and a QC section. An ERP, CASEVAC, MEDEVAC and daily check lists for ERW activities.
  • Verify that the ERW Service Provider have the personnel, vehicles and equipment in place to perform the ERW activities according to the stated acquisition plan and that the personnel, vehicles and equipment are up to the required standard.
  • Ensuring that the Seismic Contractor provide task orders to the ERW Service Provider in a timely fashion, allowing the ERW Service Provider to properly plan its tasks in advance.
  • Ensuring that the feedback from the ERW Service Provider is adequate and on time such as daily-, weekly-, monthly reports and other information relating to UXO found, daily corridors and other spaces cleared.
  • Verifying that the feedback from the ERW Service Provider and Seismic Contractor is true and accurate by checking electronic data such as GPX tracks and points, shape files and any other electronic records provided against reality in the field.
  • Ensuring that the Seismic Contractor establish and maintains an ERW database clearly differentiating between cleared and uncleared areas, categories of risk levels, previously known UXO information and new information gathered by the ERW Service Provider.
  • Ensuring that the information on the ERW database finds way back to the different departments working in the field, such as survey, layout, pickup, vibrating, trouble shooters etc.3Verifying that seismic corridors are indeed cleared with no skips and that there is safe access to these corridors and that seismic crew will not accidentally work in uncleared areas.
  • Verifying that cleared areas are marked clearly according to the specifications, that the markings are not confusing to the seismic crews and that these marking are maintained.
  • Verify that dangerous UXO are disposed or removed from the Seismic area as soon as possible, and that the correct chain of custody is followed.
  • Ensure that the Seismic Contractor runs a robust ERW awareness program to everybody on the crew and that the awareness is reinforced from time to time.
  • Ensure that integration between disciplines, such as ERW, survey, layout, pickup, vibrating, trouble shooters etc. happens in such a way that the highest safety takes precedence.
  • Ensuring that ERW production rate runs stable. To slow could indicate problems in planning and efficiency, to fast could indicate low quality or low safety.
  • Site inspections as frequently as possible, checking on the standard and adequacy of personnel, vehicles and equipment. Checking the team folders for internal inspections, and observing the teams working according to their SOPS.
  • Attend internal QC sampling performed by the ERW Service Provider.
  • Ensure that the Client Seismic and HSSE QC’s receive feedback from the Client UXO QC on a timely fashion and support the Client QC’s in any way possible to achieve the overall objectives of the client QC team.


Qualitative impact indicators

  • Actual volumetric/measurable indicators, characterizing the scope of immediate impact at this position level.
  • Knowledgeable / in Exploration and Production level
  • Well Experienced
  • Skillsets for being a prominent Field and Procedure Inspector
  • Leadership



  • ERW Service Provider, IKMAA and Seismic Contractor (All departments sending workers into the field)


Regulation of activities

  • IMAS, NMAS, IKMAA Regulations, Seismic Contractors ERW Plan, ERW Service Provider’s Method Statement, Contract Execution Plan and SOPs


Other job requirements

  • IMAS Level 3 or Higher qualification or Equivalent to IMAS Level 3 or Higher.



  • Special and/or specific, which may be required for successful performance in this position
  • Capable of working with GIS (ArcGIS or Blue Marble Geographics or AutoCAD or Similar)


Foreign languages

  • English full proficiency, Russian desirable


Work experience

  • At least 4 years of previous experience in Seismic Projects


Computer/Software literacy

  • Microsoft Office.


Department, Section, Group

  • Subsurface

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process.

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