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Location Duhok Job Type
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking to hire a Field Geologist for an international oil and gas operator in Duhok. Candidates must have a minimum of 7 years of relevant experience and be fluent in Kurdish and English.

Position’s objective
Conducting Field Surface Geology / first layer of Geology of Kurdistan/ Mapping of the Surface Geology/ Structural Geology of Kurdistan

Main Duties

  • List of tasks, actions and processes, which are performed by an employee in this position, and which are within his/her personal responsibility area – without permanent participation of colleagues, immediate supervisor and/or reportees in these processes.
  • To assist to oversee activities related to drill program execution, surface mapping, drill holes logging, and interpretation of geological information.
  • Very well educated and experienced in the FTBZ and Fold-Thrust Belt Zones and having very good background in the Foreland Basins.
  • Assist to propose new work approaches, methods, and policies to optimize performance and to ensure adherence to industry regulations and organizational standards. Typically, duties are including mapping rock formations, collecting samples and fossils, measuring the earth, interpreting data, and writing reports.
  • Ability to unravel the geological Thrust sheets and mapping out the field geological features such as faults, folds, fractures zones and fractures sets.
  • Produce and acquire consistency and quality geological information from surface mapping, drilling hole logging or any other field geological information required.
  • Ability to link between the geological principle of surface and subsurface while making regional cross-sections.
  • Keeps on top of trends related to exploration geology and incorporates this information into work assignments.
  • Ability to make correlations between the stratigraphic secessions in the region and having understanding about the depositional environment for each formation in the region and geology of Iraq.
  • Assigns tasks and assist to control to exploration Technician. Interprets geological data, information, and results, interpreted the geological phenomena and applying it to the regional perspective of Zagros Belt.
  • Assist to identify areas of interest for further exploration based on the surface geology interpretations.
  • To analyze information and prepare technical documents to support decision making, problem solver, while studying the formations.
  • Strong background in sedimentology and sedimentations, sedimentary structure analysis, sequence stratigraphy and mapping out small scale of the features to the basin exploration.
  • Investigates, researches, and analyzes information and issues related to exploration geology in Kurdistan/ and Iraq.
  • Assist to prepare basic technical reports and documentation to ensure compliance with industry and operational requirements.
  • Ability to understand large multiple geological, geochemistry and geophysics datasets.
  • Strong Field orientation and basic to medium knowledge on drill holes logging (Diamond and Reverse circulation), surface mapping and sampling.
  • Strong communication, writing, interpersonal, and outdoor skills and physical stamina are essential because field geologists mostly work outdoors as part of a team.
  • Define scope of Geological Field work/Evaluations.
  • Interpret geological and geophysical puzzles and mapping Skills sets are very crucial to be implemented.
  • Gather geological information on the operator’s blocks and link between the geological upscale for the foreland basins.
  • Ability to run, use and understand geological modeling, structural modeling.
  • Ability to understand carbonate system, formations and their conditions.
  • Ability to understand and analyze petroleum systems.


Qualitative impact indicators

  • Actual volumetric/measurable indicators, characterizing the scope of immediate impact at this position level.
  • Knowledgeable/ in Exploration and Production level
  • Well Experienced
  • Skillsets for being a prominent Field Geologist
  • Leadership


Other job requirements

  • BSc., Degree in Geology and its equivalent or MSc., in Geology or Field Geology



  • Working in the core of Exploration, Upstream, for no less than 7 years’ experience.
  • Ability to, think critically, use the up-to-date technologies and very strong background on understanding the, global, regional and local geology.


Foreign languages:

  • At least knows 2 languages: Kurdish Native English full proficiency, Russian Full Proficiency.


Work experience:

  • To be an efficient and talented senior geologist, no less than 7 years’ experience nationally is required.


Computer/Software literacy:

  • Knowledge of software (standard or specialized), required for job performance. ArcGIS, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Global Mapper and Microsoft Office.


Department, Section, Group

  • Subsurface

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process

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