Senior Well Site Leader – Rig

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Location Basrah, Iraq Job Type
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking to hire a Senior Well Site Leader – Rig for an international oil and gas operator in Basrah. Candidates must have a minimum of 15 + years’ drilling and workover experience, at least 5 years as SWSL and be fluent in Arabic and English.

Role Synopsis
This role will cover both drilling and workover operations as operational requirements dictate. The SWSL reports to Drilling Team Leader, who in turn reports to the Drilling Manager. The SWSL is responsible for the implementation of the drilling or workover programme. The role of the SWSL is to ensure that HSE goals, Operational Integrity, Standards and Well Objectives are not compromised during well operations. Mentoring of staff is a key role.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Active HSE Leadership
  • Active monitoring and directing of operations including but not limited to HSE; well control; planning and preparation of upcoming operations; issuing of clear instructions to the rig contractor based on the requirements laid down in the Standards, the drilling programme, discussions with the office and indications from the well; communication with various contractors on and off site; observing, interpreting, understanding and reacting to changes in downhole trends; adequate reporting; good oilfield practices etc.
  • The SWSL will provide mentoring and support to the development of Iraqi staff.
  • Monitor service providers through formal audit and inspections to promote good HSE & oil field practice


Criteria and Qualifications

  • 15 + years’ drilling and workover experience, at least 5 years as SWSL
  • Proficient in safe working practices and good oil field practices
  • Proven ability to lead drilling and workover operations through a theoretical and practical approach.
  • Ability to understand and work with differing cultures
  • Valid Well Control certification, as per Standards (Level 4 Surface)
  • Proven Leadership (HSE and Operational) and Mentoring qualities



  • This job will be a combination of day-rate and turnkey operations working an equal time rotation, predominantly rig based.
  • The workover operations will be predominantly tubing change out, ESP operations and well integrity repairs.
  • The new drill wells will be vertical, directional S and J shaped with varying step outs, and high angle to horizontal with varying step outs
  • Must possess valid well control certificate (IWCF or IADC surface stack supervisor)
  • Must have good English verbal, written, and listening skills
  • Must be able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Must be able to work on own initiative; use proactive approach to problem solving and avoidance
  • ESP experience would be an asset.
  • Pad-drilling experience would be an asset


  • Must drill wells in a safe, efficient, and effective manner
  • Must be able to take responsibility and manage tasks through to completion
  • Must adhere to a rigid code of conduct and respect diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs
  • Must mentor/coach organization or drilling contractor staff to follow API and oilfield best practices
  • Must review / audit at least one JSA and PTW on a daily basis and ensure that TBTs are actually taking place and, more importantly, are participated in/understood.
  • Must get engaged in incident investigations.
  • Must ensure rigs follow the approved standard operating procedures (SOP) for their operations
  • Must review SOPs for suitability / completeness and identify gaps and work with various entities to improve organization/drilling contractor operations
  • Must lead after-action and lessons-learned reviews per hole section to quickly communicate improvement opportunities to the Drilling Engineer
  • Must conduct well control (and other) audits
  • Must review and close out write-ups on the Corrective-Action Registers (CARs) on the rig while implementing a continuous-improvement program
  • Must participate in pre-tour and critical pre-job safety meetings
  • Must review and follow / implement the agreed-upon drilling program, verifying that approved operational steps are adhered to and promulgated in appropriate plans forward
  • Must ensure an MoC is accomplished if operations need to deviate from the agreed-upon drilling program or SOP
  • Must directly oversee operations that deviate from normal activities, such as tight hole / hole problems/flow checks / tripping off bottom/running casing / all cementing operations
  • Must convey the HSE lessons learned (review incident reports) with assigned rig crews and personnel
  • Must participate in ALL drills and offer post-drill constructive criticism, if necessary
  • Must verify / witness BOP tests and ensure the BOP testing schedule is adhered to or dispensation is approved
  • Must witness all operations involving equipment, such as wellhead installation and setting and recovering test plugs and wear bushings
  • Must verify casing operations are happening in accordance with organization/API standards
  • Must verify/ensure all appropriate equipment, personnel, OCTG, supplies are ordered/called off in order to execute the drilling program in a timely, competent, coherent fashion
  • Must review cementing programs and monitor/execute cementing operations (volumes pumped, densities, losses, returns, types and weights of spacers, placement/operation of DVs/MSIPCs)
  • Must monitor and report ANY well-control event and be prepared to assume on-site senior representative responsibilities
  • Must ensure morning reports are well written and accurate and that appropriate well data is input into Landmark OpenWells platform
  • Must conduct morning, noon, and night walks around the rig and location looking for safety, environmental, and operational hazards; must intervene, if required
  • Must participate in rig STOP card program or equivalent
  • Must conduct periodic job observations and discuss with the rig managers how to correct errant behaviors
  • Must ensure rig leadership meetings are occurring on a daily basis and that valid issues/concerns are actioned or addressed
  • Must perform operator field authorizations and approvals for all contracted work, as required
  • Must possess valid well control certificate (IWCF or IADC surface stack supervisor)
  • Must be able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Must be able to work on own initiative; use proactive approach to problem solving and avoidance
  • Must use initiative to ensure issues are overcome.
  • Must have a patient and calm personality

Job Category

  • Drilling & Completions

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process

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