Division Head - Technology

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Location Basrah, Iraq Job Type
Salary Sector Oil & Gas

MSELECT is looking for a Division Head – Technology for an international oil and gas operator in Basrah. Candidates must have a minimum of 15 years’ plus broad business management experience and be fluent in English.

Reports to

  • Executive Vice President


  • Executive Management

Lead and manage the Subsurface and Technical Support departments and provide strategic and professional advice to the company management to improve the short, medium- and long-term development and production.


  • Strategic Development

Contribute to formulate and assess the medium- and long-term strategy plan, FDP and Yearly WP&B. Perform technical guidance duty of oil field exploration and production plans in accordance with the company medium- and long-term objectives. Following up the on-going oil field development and production plans in conjunction with the requirements of project management and the approved plan. Contribute to achieve the medium- and long-term objectives.

  • Financial Performance

Exercise the financial authority at the level established by the top management for the departments in-charge. Contributing to set and monitor the budgets and business plan. Following up the short, medium and long-term financial performance against the business overall from technical aspects.

  • Operational Performance

Participating in the assessment relating to technology, WP&B and FDP. Contribute to obtain annual work plan and budget for JMC approval. Supports and enhances the achievement of Block’s strategies and development objectives, monitor performance against targets, such as oilfield development, construction, production. Prepare and review reports and papers on the technology area.

  • Social and National Environment

Ensures that all activities take into account responsibilities to company, the Government of Iraq and its employees includes protection of the environment with requirement of technical; maintaining effective government and community relations, and ensuring that project maintains high level of business integrity and ethics.

  • Management Control

Follow up the decision of top management and ensure the effective management control of technology activities in company. Monitor and improve the efficient management control policies, include initiating and coordinate with top level and division management level. Ensure that appropriate information flow takes place internally within division management. Sits on any regular or ad-hoc management committees as required. Ensure all the related procedures are reviewed and analyzed to ensure practicality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, well productivity maintenance, and safe execution.

  • Health, Safety and Environment Performance

Authorizes the necessary resources to ensure that the health, safety and environmental performance of the individual divisions supports and enhances the achievement of project strategies and objectives. Contributes towards enhancing the HSE culture company-wide through active participation in HSE programs and activities, encouraging employee feedback, recognizing HSE performance and contributions and encouraging “Blame Free” culture and learning.

Work Contacts

  • Daily contacts are maintained with related top management and department managers and coordinate with division management, including participating in strategic development of project, decision making ongoing operation / work-over program and information flow in the division.
  • Regular contact with shareholders’ representatives and government officials for technical coordination.

Independence of Operation

The Division Head works as a member of executive management, be responsible for participating in all the major planning and decision making that takes place at Divisional level and also supervision on daily work program in field especially from technical aspect in order to meet the Company's operational requirements in accordance with Company policies and specific objectives decision. Work is of high technical commitments. Work accomplishments are subject to MC review.

Supervisory Responsibility


  • 1 Subsurface Department Manager
  • 1 Technical Support Department Manager


Minimum Qualifications

  • B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering or above.
  • Sound technical skills with good proven working records, in which the Asset-scale could match current Asset scale & its nature.
  • Business driven initiative while concentrating on technical matters,
  • Flexible enough, dedicated to the job, both physical & mental fit to the harsh working environments

Minimum Experience

  • 18 years’ plus broad business management experience with multiple partners and multi-nation teams within the oil and gas producing industry.
  • Experience should include at least 5 years at the general management level.

Job-Specific Skills

  • Fluency in English.
  • MBA Diploma is a plus

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process

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