Senior Operating Technician

Posted 6 months ago by MSELECT
Location Baghdad, Iraq Job Type
Salary Sector FMCG

MSELECT is looking to hire a Senior Operating Technicians for an industrial and distribution group in Baghdad. Candidates must have a minimum of 4 years of experience in the soft drink industry. Fluency in English and Arabic is a must.

Role Purpose

To deliver the set KPI’s by operating and maintaining the packaging equipment’s at rated speed, maintaining the areas around the equipment to 5S Silver Standard, minimizing the line wastages while operating in a safe and effective manner and adhering to H&S, SOP & OPL.


Key Responsibilities

Core Values

  • SIMPLICITY- We keep business simple, easy to understand and focused on the key issues
  • COLLABORATION - We work together, sharing ideas in an open, constructive style
  • RESPECT - We encourage different backgrounds and styles of working and welcome diversity
  • INTEGRITY - We are honest in all that we do
  • TRANSPARENCY - We share information, highlighting problems as well as successes
  • PERFORMANCE - We focus on delivery of business results before personal success


  • Display and live all the ACCBC core values to guide us in our journey to be A World Class Manufacturing Site


  • All Senior Technicians should adhere to all the safety requirements as defined in the H&S standards
  • Ensure that all PPE’s are used while operating the machines and doing PMs
  • Ensure that all the Operators/ Operating Technicians working with them or around them should also adhere to all the Safety requirements


  • No LTA’s or work injuries due to negligence


  • Take ownership of and work to the quality plan for the area
  • Should have thorough knowledge about Quality Parameters of the Product during operation
  • Sr Operating Tech to be fully involved in all aspects of quality ownership Understand and follow all relevant QMS procedures (e.g. ISO, HACCP, QC checks)
  • Should not bypass any system which would affect quality of the product
  • All Sr Operating Tech  to be aware of any CCP in the machine area and to take remedial action if outside limits
  • Should ensure that the checks are conducted as described in the TAMU stations available at various locations
  • All quality checks should be updated at the frequency set up in the quality checklist
  • Zero Loss Culture by adhering to all quality standards and implementing checks based on the standard routines


  • Zero defects and loss due to effective monitoring


  • Prepare detailed report about the Packaging Materials issued, consumed and returned to Warehouse
  • Ensure accuracy in the Consumption reports
  • Capture all Downtime during Production accurately by verifying the source
  • Fill up all the reports for Quality checks conducted on line during the Production accurately
  • Filling up of all Safety Checklist accurately


  • Accurate reporting
  • No unfilled reports which may lead to discrepancy

Line Efficiencies

  • Ensure that targeted and agreed Line efficiencies are delivered every hour
  • Be part of the RCA team to diagnose the issues and take corrective actions immediately or plan for long term actions which would eliminate the issues
  • Ensure that the line delivers the targeted efficiency within the first hour of operation after a changeover


  • All targeted and agreed Line efficiencies are delivered

Technical Expertise

  • The Sr Technician should have excellent knowledge and understanding of key processes within the area Should be able to monitor, interpret and adjust key operating parameters in order to optimize plant performance to agreed quality, reliability and minimize material loss targets
  • Be able to resolve basic to moderate level technical issues by being fully conversant on how to operate the plant, its operating processes, running checks and maintenance routines and RCA process
  • Will provide first line diagnostic and fault-finding skills Have a full understanding of the site RCA problem solving methodology Should resolve to fault finding by careful analysis of the equipment rather than resorting to shortcuts
  • Should Lead Operators and Operating Technicians to conduct 4M, 5Ys and RCA process
  • Should not change any parameters on the machine without informing the Operational TL
  • Support the Operational TL in the fault-finding process     
  • Be expected to maintain equipment, ensuring that lubrication and routine checks are completed to the required standards in line with Autonomous Maintenance Train operators and Operating Technicians to follow the schedule for all checks and lubrication
  • Carry out Autonomous Maintenance engineering work under the guidance of the Operational TL
  • Train Operators and Operating Technicians to carry out all jobs based on the requirements
  • Ensure that the equipment and the surrounding areas are clean
  • Take responsibility for any maintenance associated to the machine area and lead Operators and Operating Technicians
  • Ideally the Sr Technician will be fully conversant in all areas 
  • Have a clear understanding of the operation of all plant equipment and be capable to run the machine the same way as Operators and Operating Technicians
  • Should be flexible to handle breakdowns in multiple machines during the shift
  • Should operate the machine for at least 1 hour to ensure that the issues are resolved before transferring the machine to the line Operators and Operating Technicians Should demonstrate complete ownership of all the equipment's used in the Production Line
  • Should ensure that the machines are handed over in a very clean and working condition at the end of the shift
  • Should be conversant with the tagging system, identify any issues with the machines and carry out corrective actions
  • Carry out all the periodic checks as generated through Pragma system and fill up all the details about the work carried out
  • Plan and execute Periodic Maintenance based on schedules from Operational TL and report the activities carried out during the execution
  • Fill up Production logs and checklists
  • Plan to meet daily and weekly Production and scheduled requirements along with the Operational TL
  • Provide production, progress, or changeover reports to shift supervisors
  • Set up and verify the functionality of safety equipment
  • Start up and shut down of processing / packaging equipment as explained in the Operating Manual & SOP’s
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance
  • Should be able to stand in for TL and able to lead the team of Operators and Operating Technicians


  • All equipment is operated with full efficiency and minimal DT
  • Diagnosis of all DT s done in a systematic way using 4M, 5Y’s and then RCA to be done for the failure
  • No forced deterioration on the equipment due to improper cleaning, inspection, lubrication and improper asset management

5S standards

  • To ensure that 5S Silver standards on site are adhered to including operating the required plant in a safe and effective manner
  • Following work, they ensure equipment and the work and storage areas comply with all GMP/ 5s Silver standards on site
  • To ensure Silver standards in the area during Health Safety & Hygiene audits


  • 5S standard around equipment and in the area of work

Start ups

  • Communicate to Team and TL about the work carried out during the shut downs
  • Check with the Process Operator that the machine is ready for production
  • Ensure that the CIP is carried out effectively and the Machine is sanitized/ Cleaned as per the standards
  • All checks on the Filler and other Machines should be done as per the standard procedures and Operator should ensure that the Start-ups are done within the benchmarked timeline
  • All relevant paperwork to be completed with any outstanding checks to be highlighted with reasons
  • To ensure that all services are on prior to production start
  • All packaging materials are correct as per the programme and are in place prior to programme start
  • Operator should be aware of the Production Plans, the materials to be used and the batch
  • All start-ups should be done and all quality parameters should be in line with the parameters mentioned on the TAMU station
  • During start-ups ensure that the equipment used for cleaning are returned back to the Shadow boards and all items are in place


  • On time start-ups
  • Zero losses or defects during start-ups

Change Overs

  • Communicate with other machine areas in advance of any flavor/ packaging/ pack size changes occurring
  • Have product specs available and all size change equipment cleaned and ready to install prior to change-over
  • Machine change over parts to be cleaned and stored any damage to be reported to the Operational TL
  • All change over parts should be properly accounted and handed over to the reliever
  • Correct tools should be used for change overs
  • Machine areas up/down stream to be notified when the last bottle leaves the machine
  • Change-over to be RFT and within time specs Any failure should be fully documented
  • Machine efficiency to be @ 95% within the first hour


  • Line efficiency above 95 % after changeovers

Preventative Maintenance

  • Schedule PM during shut down based on the Work Orders generated through Pragma
  • Identifies issues which would have an impact on the Safety & Efficiencies and ensure that it is highlighted & addressed immediately either during the run or by planning a shutdown
  • All safety related issues to be immediately closed after discussing with Operational TL
  • Train & Lead Operators Level 1 and Operating Technicians to do PM and Breakdowns
  • Details of all work carried out during PM and breakdowns has to be captured in details in the WO and will be updated in Pragma by the Operational TL
  • Ensure that all the work is carried out in a systematic procedure as recommended by the OEM Asset care to be carried out recorded and clearly communicated across the shifts
  • Any outstanding issues which could hinder production at the start up to be addressed/communicated to Operational TL
  • Any outstanding routines to be completed


  • All Work orders generated through Pragma are closed and all work pertaining to the machines are executed correctly
  • There is no break down since PM is not carried out

End of Production

  • Asset care to be carried out recorded and clearly communicated across the shifts
  • Any outstanding issues which could hinder production at the start up to be addressed/communicated to Operational TL
  • Any outstanding routines to be completed


  • Zero Loss during end-ups
  • Maximizing the output of the product through proper calculation of PM required to finish the product

Asset Care

  • To be completed during natural breaks and at the end of production
  • To be clearly communicated across the shifts
  • To be aware of and understand all running checks that need to be completed for the area


  • No Forced Deterioration of Machines

Paper Works

  • To ensure that there are enough blank Production sheets of the correct standard for the oncoming shift
  • All Parameters are captured correctly and appropriately
  • To ensure that all paperwork is completed before end of shift
  • All machine faults and downtime clearly recorded and handed over to the following shift


  • All paper works related to the Operations are filled and completed and there is no discrepancy in capturing the DT

Last Hour

  • Area to be left in a clean and tidy state GMP 5s Silver standard, if not reasons handed over to next shift and Coordinator
  • To remain with the machine until an adequate handover has been performed and signed for or inform the Team leader


  • The workplace and areas surrounding the machine is maintained in the 5 S standards


  • Area surrounding the machine and storage areas to be cleaned during production time to GMP 5s Silver standards
  • Machine area to be cleaned during a product change
  • Machine cleaning to be carried out during natural breaks in production


  • Area surrounding the operated machine is clean and maintained to 5 S standards

Hand Overs

  • Handover to cover any issues that are currently affecting production or have had an effect during production (machine faults, quality issues, or material failures)
  • The machine area was handed over in an acceptable condition GMP 5s Silver standards
  • Operator to be at the machine area at least 10 minutes prior to shift start and be signed for


  • All handovers are done effectively and communicated to the reliever


Qualification, Experience and Skills

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Diploma in Engineering/ Graduate in Engineering

Minimum Experience:

  • Experience 4-5 years’ experience in soft drink industry and preferred with exposure to 5S standards and TPM
  • Prefer basic Computer literacy
  • Willing to work with multiple nationality
  • Well organized with good communication skills and ability to work under pressure

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Should have good communication skills
  • Awareness of operating in a multicultural, multinational work environment


  • Highly Skilled with Technical Experience
  • Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking
  • Can Do attitude
  • Flexibility to work in multiple areas when required
  • Taking ownership by being informed, preventative and proactive instead of reactive across the shifts
  • Organized with a high ability to multitask and manage workloads
  • Flexibility and ability to support other areas
  • Targets & results-driven
  • Pro-active with a win-win attitude
  • Highly Self-Motivated
  • Adherence to agreed standards (H & S, SOP & OPL)
  • Ability to interpret and use gathered information to improve process control
  • Support the site training programmes, helping to develop and update training support materials
  • Adherence to all the schedules set up by TL
  • Support the site training programmes, helping to develop the operator group
  • Spotting an opportunity
  • Leadership skills to lead a team of Operators and Operating Technicians

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process.

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