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RT BANK Region Trade Bank for Investment and Finance (former Emerald Bank) started its operations on July 2001 as a locally owned, independent bank servicing the Kurdish community of Northern Iraq. The first branch was opened in Dohuk city. Despite the risky situation and the multiple barriers prevailing at that time, RT Bank succeeded in offering various banking services including money transfers through intermediates in Turkey. In September 2003, RT Bank established its Headquarters and Main Branch in the capital, Erbil, and continued to expand its diverse product offers. Following the cautious strategy adopted by its management, and thanks to its policy of strong internal growth based on the trust of its clients, RT Bank achieved good results and ranked the best private bank in the Kurdish region in 2006 and entered in an ambitious program of branch openings in order to serve its ever-growing customer base and increase its geographical coverage. Other branches opened in Slemani and Baghdad. In 2012 a new management took over the bank and is restructuring the branches and the customer service. In June 2014 Emerald Bank changed the name to RT Bank (Region Trade Bank for Investment and Finance).
Today, RT Bank is well positioned for future growth and success. MISSION Local Bank with International Scope RT Bank is a reliable bank, which mission is to offer excellent banking facilities to individuals and companies, as well as to international investors seeking to work and operate in Iraq, especially in Kurdistan. RT Bank provides a broad range of retail and corporate banking products that cater to the personal and business needs of our clients. We serve our customers through a growing network of branches located in Erbil, Slemani, Dohuk and Baghdad. (We are proud to be the first bank in Kurdistan to launch debit cards, along with the installation of ATM machines and the acquisition of a merchants’ network.) At RT Bank, we maintain correspondent banking relations with a large number of banks worldwide. This network forms the foundation for all our international banking operations. VISION Our brand promise “Banking with your needs in mind” reflects our pride in offering products and services that help our clients reach their goals, fulfill their aspirations, and achieve financial success. Our motivation comes from our desire to offer our community an easy access to banking services locally and worldwide, and to make a difference in the way people handled their financial matters so far. Taking part in the development of Kurdistan is our reward.